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Law facilities

The classrooms that’ll prepare you for the courtroom  

Before you start dissenting, objecting and witness-examining in real life, it’s time to put your legal skills into practice – and one way Bond students are able to do that is through the incredible facilities available on campus.  

The Legal Skills Centre is a landmark industry training facility located within the Faculty of Law building. It consists of a number of different rooms equipped for everything from moots to consultations, mediation, dispute resolution and more. Learn how we support your journey with innovative teaching and study facilities.

Mooting, clerkships and more: Discover Law at Bond

Open Day Live host Lara Boath chats with Becci Tannenbaum in her final semester of the Bachelor of Laws about the opportunities available to Bond Law students, including mooting and clerkships.  

Law facilities

Moot courts

Bond’s Legal Skills Centre has three moot courts available to all Faculty of Law students throughout their degrees for gaining practical training, class-time use and more, where you’ll develop hands-on legal skills like communication, negotiation and public speaking.

The electronic moot court (e-courtroom) replicates the latest technologies currently used all across Australia within the court system, including video conferencing, wireless networking, video streaming and electronic evidence management. Evidence can be presented in a range of electronic formats and those appearing in court are able to remote in. These facilities mark a move towards paperless legal proceedings and are designed to bend and shift to accommodate our changing world.

Legal skills rooms

If your legal future doesn’t lie in the courtroom, never fear – there are additional facilities on campus available to suit, and equip students for, a huge range of graduate outcomes. Designed to support teaching across mediation and dispute resolution, the Faculty of Law building also houses eight legal skills rooms equipped with one-way mirrors for teaching, analysis and assessment purposes. Simulating the professional setting, students can roleplay mediation and dispute resolution scenarios ahead of entering the workforce. 

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