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Health and wellness

How we take care of our students

Here at Bond, it’s our mission to offer standout student support, not only when it comes to your studies, but also for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Discover our services available to support you during your learning journey. 

Medical support

Student Wellbeing Advisors

Our Student Wellbeing Advisors act as your supporters in wellbeing here on campus, and aim to connect you to the right support tools. Our goal is to ensure you feel empowered throughout your university journey.


Accessibility and inclusion

Our Accessibility & Inclusion team provides support in the pursuit of an accessible and inclusive campus for every Bondy. Through our online BondAbility platform, we ensure that students who require and qualify for reasonable adjustments receive the same opportunities and access to abundant opportunities as their peers, across all aspects of campus life. 

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Medical services

All local, currently enrolled Bondies have access to medical services right here on campus through our onsite Medical Clinic. Simply book an appointment with one of our two friendly doctors or the clinic nurse for any non-urgent medical needs.

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Student counsellors

Our team of counsellors provide free, confidential counselling to help you with everything from academic and study pressures through to personal problems. 

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Exercise and wellbeing

We encourage and support our students’ physical wellbeing. Our Sports Centre is a state-of-the-art gym equipped with a huge range of equipment for both cardio and strength training. Our friendly trainers facilitate a range of classes that cater to all fitness levels. And if you’re a student, free access to the Centre is included as part of your Student Services and Amenities Fee. There are also many sporting clubs on campus that permit students to play in both competitive and social capacities.

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Our students on managing their wellbeing

Why moving out and staying healthy don’t have to be mutually exclusive

There are so many ways to prioritise your physical health when moving out for the first time whilst still enjoying your new surroundings – here are Sonia’s tips.

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Dealing with homesickness at university

Moving away from home for university can be overwhelming and feeling homesickness to any degree is nothing to be ashamed of. Matilda gives her advice for what to do when you are missing home.

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My tips for commencing your studies online

Remote learning doesn’t have to be an isolating experience – in fact, there are ways to stay just as connected (if not more so!) than you would be studying on campus. From virtual clubs to tips for meeting new people, Chamudi shares her insight.
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