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In a competitive world, it’s important to stand out.  

Whether you’re looking to upskill, advance your career, change direction or dive deeper into a specific area, Bond University offers a range of executive training and professional development courses to help you get ahead.

Ranging from introductory to developmental and advanced levels, each microcredential is designed in response to market needs and developed in collaboration with industry partners.

With a microcredential qualification from Bond, you can ensure that when you’re searching for the next promotion, next challenge, next opportunity…You’ve got an advantage. 



Exploring Knowledge Translation in Clinical Practice

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: 10 hours per course
Price: $395 per course (first course is free)
Format: Series of four microcredentials

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Sports Coaching: Essential Communication Skills

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: 2 hours
Price: $125
Format: Microcredential course

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The Psychology of Risk Management on Projects

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: 14 hours
Price: $525
Format: Microcredential course

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From Barter to Bitcoin

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: Less than 8 
Price: Free of charge
Format:Microcredential course

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How to Restart Covid Disrupted Projects

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: 8 - 12 hours
Price: $375
Format:Microcredential course

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Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Program

Delivery100% Online
Start DateAnytime
Learning Time: 6 - 8 hours per course
Price: $350 per course (first course is free)
Format:Series of eight microcredentials

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Building Information Modelling Microcredentials

Our new Building Information Modelling microcredentials allow you to enrol as a Bond student for one semester, attend classes on-campus, collaborate with current Bond students, and learn in a highly interactive environment whilst gaining an authentic university experience. Upon successful completion, you'll receive an official university transcript as well as credit points that can be put towards future study.

Designed in strong collaboration with industry, these microcredentials assist construction and other built environment professionals to upskill in order to comply with the stringent practice requirements being demanded by government and knowledgeable private sector clients - awarding you with a competitive edge in the industry.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I sign up and register from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can sign up and register for microcredentials from anywhere in the world as there are no location restrictions. See Step by Step guide for more information. Please be aware that some courses may include an on-campus face-to-face component. 

Can I start my microcredential at any time?

For self-paced courses, you can access your course immediately after completing your registration. Courses with live sessions (online or face-to-face) will have the start date listed in the course description. Please click on any course in the catalogue to find out more about it.

Is there any help available if I have questions related to the content of the courses?

Yes, please email [email protected] with any questions about your course. 

Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

When you register for a micro-credential at Bond University, all learning materials are included in the course, so you do not have to incur any additional expenses.

Will I have access to the materials in a microcredential after I complete it?

When you register for a microcredential at Bond University, your course and all related learning materials will be available for a period as stated in your course description.

How do I register in a microcredential?

When you browse through the course catalogue on the Learner Portal, you will be able to click on any microcredential you might be interested in, and once you open the course description you will be able to register in the course. See the Step by Step guide for more information on registering.

I do not have a PayPal account.  Can I pay using a credit or debit card instead?

The checkout process and payment for any microcredential is done through PayPal. However, if you do not have a PayPal account, it is possible to register and pay using your credit or debit card directly.

Is there an age restriction on registration?

Some microcredentials may contain material that is not suitable for learners under the age of 18.  This will be clearly identified in the course description.

Where can I find information about a course?

You can browse and select any course from the catalogue to find out detailed information about it. Access the catalogue here.

Can I talk to someone to enquire about a course prior to registering?

If you cannot find an answer on the course description, please use the enquiry form.

Will I get a certificate upon completing a microcredential?

Yes, upon completion of the microcredential you register in, you will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Achievement, depending on the course. Please click on any microcredential to find out more about it.

How can I access my certificate?

Once you complete all the requirements of the microcredential, your certificate will be available for download. You can access your certificate at any time from the My Dashboard tab in the Bond University Learner Portal.

Does my account expire?

When you register for a microcredential at Bond University, a life-long account is created. However, an extended period of inactivity may require account re-activation.

Will I have to renew my password periodically?

When you register for the first time and your learner’s account is created, you will need to set a password with very strong security rules around it. This will protect your account without the need to change your password periodically.  However, you will have the ability to update your password any time if you wish to do so.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, use the Forgot my password option in the login page.

How do I update my personal and contact details?

To update your personal details, please login to your account and go to My details.

Can I use any device to log in and access microcredentials?

Yes, you can use your preferred device to log in to your learner’s account and access your microcredentials.  

Can I use any Internet browser to access and view the content of microcredentials?

Yes, you can log in to your learner’s account using your preferred Internet browser. However, we recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome for a better experience. 

Is the course content available offline?

To access and participate in any microcredential, you will need to be connected to the Internet.

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