The Workshop and Digital Fabrication Lab provides opportunities in design as part of the new generation of architecture. Studio, workshop and digital based learning are core components of Architectural studies with practical hands on projects contributing to a large part of the programs.

The Architecture Fabrication Research Laboratory is comprised of state of the art technical equipment including a laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and digital robotics, providing opportunities in design as part of the new generation of architecture. The workshop is a fully equipped traditional tool workshop to bring projects to life. Students will learn about shape and form, textile usage, light and shade influences, structure and strength, design aesthetics and other architectural influences that exist in this creatively driven profession.

The workshop and digital fabrication lab include full woodworking and digital production machines, including: 

  • Trotec laser cutter with an 800x1100 bed size
  • Dimension uPrint 3d printer with a 200x200x200 build area and 2 Maker-Bot 3d printers
  • ART CNC Router with a 500x2400x250 bed size
  • ABB 2.8m Robotic Arm on a 4m track
  • High end computing facilities with advanced modelling software (Rhino, Digital Project, REVIT, Adobe Creative Suite, HAL, etc.).