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What is the Internet Law Research Clinic?

Clinic Coordinator: Assistant Professor Jenny Georgiades

The Internet Law Research Clinic is partnered with APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), an open, member-based, not-for-profit organisation, whose primary role is to distribute and manage Internet resources. This program, supervised by Bond University academics, enables law students to volunteer their time during their degree, to gain practical insight and experience in the area of legal technology and internet law solutions. Students volunteer with the Clinic during the semester for approximately 2-3 hours per week at a mutually agreed time and work on projects to assist APNIC members to address legal technology, internet regulation and cyber security issues.

Information for students

Have a look at how to apply for more information on the application process.

There are currently 4-6 volunteer positions offered in the Internet Law Research Clinic per semester.

Students must demonstrate the following:

  • Currently enrolled at Bond University in a law degree program, either an LLB or JD completion of at least 4 semesters is preferred
  • Past engagement in extra-curricular activities
  • Demonstrated legal technology or internet law knowledge or abilities
  • General level of maturity and reasons for interest in the Clinic
  • Ability to sustain an ongoing commitment to the Clinic for one semester
  • Evidence of research and writing skills, as well as organisational ability.

Typically, student volunteers being supervised at the Clinic will be involved in:

  • obtaining practical experience by assisting with internet law issues experienced by APNIC members
  • assisting with project-based research and finding solutions for APNIC members
  • drafting fact sheets, policies and training materials on Internet Law issues
  • gaining cross-border experience in Internet Law matters
  • Gain practical work experience dealing with legal technology and internet law
  • Obtain research experience in addressing legal technology, internet regulation and cyber security issues
  • Develop foundational skills in analysing and reviewing regulatory compliance policies
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Provide an important community service

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