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Bond Law Clinic Program

Welcome from the Director

Being a great lawyer requires a number of skills – a logical approach, strong theoretical knowledge and analytical skills, good research and writing skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with others. Great lawyers are able to connect with their clients, their colleagues and their superiors in an authentic and persuasive manner. They show empathy for their clients’ objectives and apply the law in that context. For example, if advising a commercial client, great lawyers will consider the business, as well as the legal impact of their advice.

The law only comes alive when it is put into practice. The Bond Law Clinic Program offers law students an opportunity to gain practical work experience under the supervision of experienced legal practitioners and academics in diverse areas of the law.

This program provides students with great networking and experiential learning opportunities for a modest investment of their time over one semester. Students experiences may range from attending court and working under the supervision of experienced lawyers, to working on volunteer projects and learning how things work in a real law firm. Volunteering in the Bond Law Clinic Program also counts towards students’ Beyond Bond core subject requirements.

Students typically apply from their third or fourth semester onwards, once they have completed some law subjects. For more information on the requirements of the available Clinic options, please see each Clinic's webpage.

We look forward to seeing you at the Bond Law Clinics soon!

Associate Professor Franci Cantatore

The Law Clinic Experience: A Guidebook for Students

Students seeking the opportunity to volunteer within the Bond Law Clinic Program, are encouraged to review The Law Clinic Experience: A Guidebook for Students.  The guidebook provides tips on applications and lots more.