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Student Opportunity Fund

The Student Opportunity Fund helps students to maximise opportunities available to them while studying at Bond, including internships, volunteer work, clinical placements (Faculty approved) and other life-changing experiences.

Applications will only be available for Australia based experiences, which are considered COVID safe.

The Fund is supported by generous alumni and community donations into the Ambition Appeal.

The following persons or bodies are eligible to apply for a grant from the Student Opportunity Fund up to $2000 per student or group:

  • Bond University students currently enrolled in a Bond University undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree or Bond University College diploma.  The extracurricular activities or individual educational opportunities must be undertaken whilst they are enrolled at Bond University;
  • Bond University Student Association affiliated clubs and societies.

The fund is designed to support exceptional activities for students that complete an online application form demonstrating ‘out of the classroom’ experience opportunities.

Applications must show how the activity supports their educational experience. Funding can only be granted for ‘not for academic credit’ activities.

Furthermore, grants will not be awarded to students that receive funding from Bond University nor from subsidies sourced by Bond University. 


  • Week 5: Applications Open (Monday, 14 February 2022, 9am)
  • Week 8: Applications Close (Sunday, 13 March 2022, 5pm)
  • Week 11: Successful Applicants Notified

Applications must be made using the online application form. No attachments or hyperlinks will be considered.

Applications which are late, incomplete or fail to meet application requirements in any way will not be considered.

If the activity that you are applying for funding for is by a competitive selection process, and your participation is pending final confirmation from a third party, final confirmation will be accepted after the closing date as an addendum to your application. Please email this information to: [email protected]

Students may only apply to the Student Opportunity Fund for one activity per semester.

Enrolment at Bond University in the semester in which the activity takes place is mandatory.

Applications for the Student Opportunity Fund are accepted the semester prior to the activity as follows:

  • Semester 1 activity (January - April)  | Apply in September semester (previous year)
  • Semester 2 activity (May - August) | Apply in January semester
  • Semester 3 activity (September - December) | Apply in May semester

1.    Individual educational opportunities

This fund provides support for student access to “beyond the classroom” educational experiences. This includes academic, leadership or other extracurricular activities such as internships, work experience, volunteer work, clinical placements (Faculty approved), conferences (but only where the student is presenting), courses (non-award) and academic competitions but cannot be for credit.

Educational experiences are encouraged to demonstrate:

  • unique and outstanding activities;
  • benefits to the individuals involved and helps enrich their Bond student experience;
  • orientation towards academic or professional development;
  • support of a Bond faculty member;
  • a detailed budget to support the activity;
  • clarity of goals and thoroughness of planning;
  • adherence to University policies, regulations and established procedures;
  • student invitation or selection based on merit.

Who can apply for these funds?

All Bond University students who are currently enrolled in a Bond University undergraduate or postgraduate degree, for activities to be undertaken whilst they are enrolled at Bond University.

2. Clubs and societies opportunities

This fund provides monetary support to unique and outstanding activities, events or projects planned by and for Bond University students.

Funding requests are encouraged to demonstrate:

  • club activities designed to enrich the student experience in a significant way;
  • club activities that contribute to the campus community in a significant way;
  • a unique opportunity or experience for its participants which encourages increased interaction outside the classroom;
  • promotion of an issue/cause relevant to Bond University students;
  • promote a broad view of cultural experiences and knowledge;
  • an opportunity for students to gain valuable leadership experience and knowledge;
  • encouragement of collaborative events planned by and for Bond University students fostering intellectual exchange or advance knowledge, such as: visiting speakers, forums on topics of general interest and student publications;
  • involvement of a significant number of Bond students in planning and participating in the activity;
  • a detailed budget to support the activity;
  • clarity of goals and thoroughness of planning;
  • attempts for alternative fundraising demonstrated;
  • adherence to Bond University policies, regulations and established procedures.

Who can apply for these funds?

Bond University Student Association affiliated clubs and societies.

Funds will not be awarded for:

  • activities that are for academic credit;
  • activities that have already taken place (no retrospective applications will be accepted);
  • applications that are late, incomplete or fail to meet application requirements in any way;
  • the purchase of alcohol for an event or activity;
  • academic program expenses including tuition fees, exam invigilation, textbooks and laptops etc;
  • costs associated with attending conferences/conventions where the applicant is not presenting;
  • living expenses not related to a specific project or activity, groceries and personal items (eg. toiletries);
  • food associated with travel;
  • purchase, repair or replace of equipment;
  • activities designed to support student businesses generating personal income;
  • a continuing commitment to an activity (grants are a one-off payment);
  • student exchanges through Bond University’s Exchange Program. For information on student exchanges, please contact the Study Abroad and Exchange Team in the Bond International Office;
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) students may only apply for the fund for activities excluding any activity related to the students PhD candidature. Examples of activities relating to PhD candidature include conference attendance, presentation costs and thesis editing. For more information regarding funding to support HDR students in their PhD candidature, please contact Research Services.

If you are successful in obtaining a grant, approved funds will be paid into your nominated account, or in the case of club or society applications, into your club/society bank account. This is paid on a reimbursement basis upon submission of your completion report and tax receipts. Reimbursement can take up to 4 weeks from the date of submitting your report and tax receipts.

Funds are non-transferrable and cannot be used for any purpose other than what has been approved; only approved items on your application will be reimbursed.

Please note, your student account needs to be up to date prior to any payments being made to you.

You must be enrolled at Bond University in the same semester as the activity occurs in order to be a recipient of a grant from the Student Opportunity Fund.

If for any reason you are unable to undertake the activity as planned, please contact the Office of Engagement immediately.

Grants not claimed during the semester for which they are awarded will be forfeited.

Your Completion Report is due to the Office of Engagement within 2 weeks of completing your activity. Please contact the Office of Engagement and you will be sent the relevant forms.

Paid tax invoices associated with your activity must be provided along with your Completion Report.