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Current Bond students have the opportunity to study at one of 80+ leading universities in our network of exclusive international partnerships, for one or two semesters. Exchange enables you to embark on a new adventure while gaining credit towards your Bond degree.

Not only do you get to live and study in another country, there are educational, personal and future career benefits that come from taking a semester overseas. You will gain an international perspective to your degree, develop increased self-confidence and maturity, and stand out to future employers from the challenges you overcome during the exchange experience.

Bond University currently has partnerships with leading universities all over the world; each offer their own unique benefits to students.

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University and government funding, starting at $2,000, is available for student exchange to certain institutions. You must submit an application including references, program advisor approval, transcripts, and a personal statement to receive the funding.

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Bond University's Study Abroad and Exchange Office will help facilitate your overseas experience, however, there are a range of things to consider and prepare before you go on exchange.

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Applying for exchange

When can I apply?: Undergraduate students may submit an application from their second semester. Postgraduate students may submit an application from their first semester. See Step 4 for application deadline.

When can I go?: Undergraduate and postgraduate students must have completed at least two semesters prior to departure.

Academic requirements: All students must have a Cumulative Percentage Average (CPA) of at least 65%. You can check your CPA by requesting a copy of your transcript through the results tab in eStudent.

Law academic requirements: Law students applying for Exchange at a Law Faculty partner institution must have achieved a CPA of 70% overall for law subjects.

Students on Bond scholarships: Students on a Bond scholarship must maintain full time enrolment (40 credit points) for the duration of their exchange program. Students seeking to enrol in 30 credit points, must be approved by the Student Business Centre prior to departure. Please refer to the Student Handbook, "Division 10 - Scholarships".

Semesters available: Exchanges between Bond University and our partners take place during the January and September semesters. Students interested in the May semester should speak to the Exchange office about the limited options for exchange in May.

May semester options:

  • Freie University, Germany (Law only)
  • International University of Japan, Japan (PG only)
  • Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Business/FSD only)
  • University of Waterloo, Canada (Law excluded)
  • Vesalius College, Belgium

Exchange restrictions: Students in the following degree programs are currently not eligible for exchange:

  • Medicine - Speak to your Clinical Placements Officer in HSM Faculty for international placements
  • Bachelor of Architecture - Speak to your Head of Program regarding internships and international work placement opportunities. Faculty are currently exploring options for Exchange for B.Architecture students.
  • Master of Construction Practice - Students enrolled into this program are generally not eligible for exchange. They must be aware that studying part of their Bond degree abroad would result in not being able to receive accreditation or applying for a post-study work visa.

To stay on track with your degree while studying overseas, you must enrol in subjects equivalent to your Bond subjects.

Plan ahead and meet with an Academic Advisor from the Student Business Centre early in your degree to discuss your study plan and recommended sequence of study (you can also find your program study plans here for each Faculty - FSD, HSM, BBS, Law). We recommend saving your electives, because your Core, Foundation and Major subjects can be harder to match.

Search the course catalogue of the overseas partner institution and find at least 6-8 subject options. Please ensure subjects are available in the relevant semester, you meet all pre-requisite requirements, and submit the subject outlines with your application. For Faculty assessment of general or faculty electives you will be required to provide a brief subject outline and the credit weighting of the host university subject. For Faculty to assess the subject equivalency for a compulsory atudy plan subject (Core, Foundation or Major) you will need to provide a detailed subject outline from the host university that includes week-to-week breakdown of content, assessment tasks and learning outcomes for each subject.

For more information on what is required speak to your Exchange Officer or contact your Faculty Academic Advisor.

Advising sessions: We recommend to schedule an appointment with our office to discuss your outbound exchange options and the application process. Please email to set up an appointment.

Information sessions: Students are encouraged to attend an Outbound Exchange Information Session, which is held in week 4 of each semester. The next information sessions will be held on:

Thursday, 8 June, 12pm – 2pm, Bld6_2_18 (attendance is essential for students hoping to study abroad in 181)
Tuesday, 3 October, 12pm – 2pm

View the Exchange application instructions and online application.

To submit your online application, you will need to upload the following:

  • A copy of your Bond academic transcript (you can source this from the Results TAB in eStudent).
  • A list of your preferred subjects at the host institution (minimum 6-8 subjects) along with individual detailed host university subject outlines (course syllabus) for Faculty approval.
  • The contact details for a Bond academic (lecturer or tutor) you have nominated to provide an academic reference.

Application deadline:
Apply 2 semesters / 7 months prior to your Exchange semester abroad.

For 181 - Apply by 30 June 2017
For 182 - Apply by 1 October 2017
For 183 - Apply by 1 March 2018
For 191 - Apply by 1 July 2018

Make sure you commence your application well before the deadline to allow time to source detailed subject outlines for Faculty assessment. It can take up to 4 weeks to source outlines from some partner institutions.

Once applications close, Bond will nominate you to your chosen partner institution. All students will be notified of the outcome of their Bond application within two to four weeks, once the partner institution has approved the nomination.

Successful students will need to sign and return the Response to Nomination form in order to receive instructions on how to apply to their partner institution.


Do it. Go on exchange. Nothing could ever prepare me for what I have experienced. Being here is out of this world, and it still feels so surreal. You only have one chance to experience the college lifestyle, and travelling like this is different to any other experience. I never want to leave and am already getting nostalgic over the memories I’ve made.  Read more

Rebecca Gillingham

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Your next adventure awaits

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