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Go on Exchange with Bond University

Destination: World

Current Bond students have the opportunity to study at one of 80+ leading universities in our network of exclusive international partnerships, for one or two semesters. Exchange enables you to embark on a new adventure while gaining credit towards your Bond degree.

Not only do you get to live and study in another country, there are educational, personal and future career benefits that come from taking a semester overseas. You will gain an international perspective to your degree, develop increased self-confidence and maturity, and stand out to future employers from the challenges you overcome during the exchange experience.

  • Bond University currently has partnerships with leading universities all over the world; each offer their own unique benefits to students.


  • University and government funding, starting at $2,000, is available for student exchange to certain institutions. You must submit an application including references, program advisor approval, transcripts, and a personal statement to receive the funding.


  • Got lots of questions? Come along to an information session to find out more about exchange, our partners and the application process. You will also get to hear from exchange returnees as they share their experiences and advice.


Bond University currently has partnerships with leading universities all over the world; each offer their own unique benefits to students.


The world is your campus

When to go

The semester you spend abroad depends on where you want to go, the subjects available abroad and what semester will work best with your current studies. You'll also want to consider climate, holidays and activities abroad to decide when is the best time to visit. Our most popular exchange semesters are January and September, however May options are available.

What are the requirements

You must have completed one semester with a 65% (Cumulative Percentage Average) "CPA" (or for Law students 70%) before you apply. If you are considering the May semester talk to us, and we will let you know if it is possible. International students are also encouraged to explore a semester abroad.


Funding starts at $2,000 and is available to all exchange students. Select destinations have additional government funding of up to $6,000 available, and the Cowin Scholarship for Western University, Canada is worth $7,500. Especially high-achieving students may be interested in applying for the prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarship, worth up to $60,000.

Start planning your adventure


  • For anyone thinking about a semester abroad, I say do it! It is a unique experience only open to students and there is no better time than now. I always say that it takes a certain type of person to go on exchange, and a certain type of person again to choose the specific place you choose. It is no wonder that exchange fosters such close friendships with such like-minded people and creates experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Read more

    Bergen, Norway - Thea Philip
  • My semester abroad at Fudan University was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Bond University. I experienced the vibrant city of Shanghai and made some life-long friends along the way. Read more

    Shanghai, China - David Parkinson
  • Going on exchange to Japan was the most incredible experience of my life. Studying at AGU was challenging but rewarding, and I would encourage those who are keen for a challenge to do so. You will absolutely not regret it. Read more

    Aichi Prefecture, Japan - Kelsea Dyer
  • Do it. Go on exchange. Nothing could ever prepare me for what I have experienced. Being here is out of this world, and it still feels so surreal. You only have one chance to experience the college lifestyle, and travelling like this is different to any other experience. I never want to leave and am already getting nostalgic over the memories I’ve made.  Read more

    South Carolina, USA - Rebecca Gillingham
  • Living in Nederland (the Netherlands) and undertaking a Bond University International Exchange Program at Universiteit Leiden (Leiden University) is and has been one of the most significant experiences of my life thus far. Read more

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Mitchell Willocks
  • One of the things that I love about Uppsala is its rich history and student life. Uppsala has a number of student ‘nations,’ which are unique to universities in Sweden. Each nation has a beautiful old house/mansion (one is even nicknamed the ‘pink castle’) and these nations host events, cafes, clubs, and pubs. Read more

    Uppsala, Sweden - Charlotte Robinson
  • I cannot recommend exchange highly enough. I would encourage all Bond students to apply and if you have an interest in Australia’s relationship with the Asia Pacific, definitely apply for the New Colombo Plan. Put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your potential.​ Read more

    Shanghai, China - Eve Bramely
  • One of my favourite things about studying abroad is the opportunity to take such a wide range of subjects. My four subjects are all completely different from each other. Since arriving in Canada, I’ve seen and done some absolutely amazing things. I first flew into Vancouver, on the west coast, and travelled around that area for two weeks. I even had the opportunity to go further north and see the Northern Lights! Read more

    Ontario, Canada - Molly Parker
  • One thing that I would recommend to those who are aspiring to partake in a semester abroad is to plan early! Keep in mind that holding onto your electives are the best way to maximise your exchange experience. An exchange will open yourself to a whole new world of new experiences, friends, and memories you’ll never forget! Read more

    Massachusetts,USA - Jack Colquhoun
  • The whole experience of travelling to a foreign place by yourself, not knowing what lies ahead is daunting for some but was extremely exciting for me. This exchange has been an amazing opportunity for me to dive headfirst into everything college life has to offer, learn all about the American culture and make some lifelong friends. Read more

    South Carolina, USA - Paris Lightfoot
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