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Subject selection

Student for a Semester subject selection

As a Student for a Semester, you’ll complete one full university subject when you’re still in high school. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Bond, get used to the structure of university classes and assessment, and to test drive a study area before you commit to a degree.

The subject you choose should reflect your interests and future career or study aspirations. Remember that Student for a Semester subjects can be credited towards your full degree at Bond University if they align with that particular study area and program.  

Below are all of the Student for a Semester subjects that are available in the May 2023 semester. Please download the full May 2023 subject timetable to review all class times. 

Please note that class times and subjects change each semester, and we cannot guarantee you will be placed in your requested timeslot. If a subject is offered during school hours, you will need to seek approval from your school to attend your classes. Applications for the May semester open on Friday, 24 March.

Download the May 2023 subject timetable

Transformation CoLab

Bond’s innovative Transformation CoLab degrees prepare students for the future of work, with focuses on digital technology, entrepreneurship, health, and law. Get a head start on your head start with one of these fast-paced subjects.

Actuarial science and data analytics

If crunching the numbers and turning data into decision-making aligns with your skill set or career aspirations, then you might choose to pursue a subject in actuarial science or data analytics during your semester at Bond.


If you’re interested in making a mark on your city or town, through architecture, urban design and planning, sustainable development, construction management and more, an Architecture and Built Environment subject will build that necessary foundation.

“The subject that I chose was Design Communication: Architectural Drawing. Although at first it appeared intimidating, all my concerns were alleviated as I quickly settled into the Bond experience. Following the completion of my semester and being awarded 10 credit points towards my current bachelor's degree, I was also able to undertake work experience with a prominent Gold Coast architectural firm. For me, this secured my commitment to the career of architecture.” 

Ella Ramsey, Bachelor of Design in Architecture student

Business, commerce and entrepreneurship

Kickstart an incredible career in business during your Student for a Semester experience. The following subjects are designed to suit students who are interested in areas like accounting, actuarial science, big data, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, sport management and more.

Construction, property and planning

Explore the multifaceted concepts of urban design, sustainability, construction, property development, quantity surveying, city planning and more, and learn what it takes to commence a successful career in these industries.

Communication, Film and Creative Media

Discover areas like advertising, film and television, computer game development, communication, media, journalism, marketing and public relations by pursuing one of the below subjects as a Student for a Semester.

“In the Introduction to Advertising course, our Students for a Semester can draw on their own experiences and contribute to class activities right from the start. It is great to have Student for a Semester participants in my class and to see how they get a head start on their university education by gaining new skills and growing their [academic and social] confidence.”

Dr Sven Brodmerkel, Assistant Professor, Introduction to Advertising

Health, biomedical and sports sciences

Explore the wide world of science with the following Student for a Semester-eligible classes, each of which includes hands-on opportunities like labs and workshops.

“I found Cell Biology to be an excellent foundation subject which provided the basis for my future medical and biomedical studies, covering key information in the areas of cellular and molecular biology and physiology. It was extremely engaging and well explained with little prior knowledge required for full enjoyment of the subject.”

Dayna Bushell, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) student

International relations, politics and arts

Explore a broad range of topics in international relations and humanities, including linguistics, language and culture, international affairs and relations, history, politics and philosophy, with a related Student for a Semester subject.


An amazing career in the legal profession could begin with Bond’s Student for a Semester program! Take on a subject to get prepped for your law studies and learn more about an area such as traditional law, dispute resolution, business law, criminology, corporate and commercial law, and forensics.

“The subject I chose was Contemporary Issues in Law and Society. The class was complex while fun and something I really engaged with. Everyone I met during my time as a Student for a Semester was really helpful and supportive. Also, due to the small class sizes that Bond offers, I was actually able to talk to my lecturer and tutor to help clarify certain topics or to ask about the assessment.”

Ryan Sutton, Bachelor of Laws student

Psychology, criminology and social sciences

Get set to pursue a career in criminology, counselling, behaviour management or psychology by taking a related subject as part of the Student for a Semester program.