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Creative Writing

In this course, you will harness your creative flair and passion for writing. Develop your writing skills by exploring a range of approaches, styles and genres to help you find and tell compelling stories. 

You will receive guidance from an experienced freelance journalist, author, lecturer, and content creator to learn how to draft a story from an idea through to completion. 

Gain a practical insight into the basics of creative writing; learn how to find, develop and refine your voice; and critique your own work before strengthening your skills in writing intuitively from a short story prompt. 

This course is delivered via six online modules: 

  • Introduction to Creative Writing 
  • What is a Narrative 
  • How to Show, Not Tell
  • How to Plot and Plan a Story
  • How to Write in Scene
  • How to Edit Your Own Work

Students will also complete a two-day practical workshop where they will learn how to critique work and improve writing with the goal of applying this to their own writing. This is achieved through a close analysis and exercises around the short story American Hustler, the inspiration behind Inventing Anna. Students will also strengthen their intuitive writing skills through a short story prompt. The goal of this exercise is to write from the 'gut' to allow information to flow freely, while following the guidelines learnt around plotting and planning a story with interesting characters. 

About this experience

Designed for: High school students in Years 11 and 12 

Delivery: On campus

Learning time: A total of 25 hours of learning, consisting of: 

  • 12 hours of online modules on the Bond Learner platform
  • 10 hours face to face on campus
  • 3 hours of additional readings and assessment 


  • May course: Friday, 5 May, and Saturday, 6 May, 2023
  • June course: Thursday, 29 June and Friday, 30 June, 2023

Registrations close:

  • May course: Wednesday, 26 April, 2023
  • June course: Monday, 19 June, 2023

Cost: $99

Location: Bond University Gold Coast campus



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Meet your educator

Charmaine Yabsley

Charmaine Yabsley is a freelance journalist who has worked in the UK and Australia for the past 25 years. She is the author of 13 non-fiction books, all of which have been published worldwide and translated into several languages. She specialises in health, wellbeing, and lifestyle features, contributing to many publications worldwide. She is also the sustainability columnist for body+soul. Charmaine is an educator in journalism, feature writing, and creative writing (fiction and non-fiction) at Bond University. 


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