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Appeals & complaints resolution

Bond University aims to offer excellence through learning and teaching, participation in student life, and through the services and facilities we offer. This includes having fair and transparent processes and procedures to deal with issues that arise during your time at Bond University.

Grievance resolution is available to assist current students and applicants seeking to enrol in a program of study to:  

  • request a review and submit an appeal against a decision made by the University; or
  • make a complaint about your treatment within the University.

Review and appeals are the formal processes whereby a student or applicant to a program seeks review of a decision relating to an academic or administrative matter relating to their status as a student. A review of a decision usually takes place within the faculty of enrolment or department level.

An appeal of a decision takes place within one of the University’s appeal committees. In most cases a student would seek a review before submitting an appeal.


A complaint is defined as the process whereby a student or applicant to a program lodges a problem or concern regarding their treatment as a student or applicant, the quality or delivery of a service (for example, teaching, operational or administrative), advice provided by the University, the conduct of staff, or the conduct of other students.


Once the formal internal process has been finalised, students have the right to seek an external review against the outcome of a formal internal appeal. The different external review options are:

Recrediting of FEE-HELP
Contact the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

For a review of the outcome of all other formal appeal decisions or complaints:

Domestic Students
The Student Ombudsman offers a free and independent service for current and intending domestic students to conduct external reviews of a decision. Requests for external review are lodged via the Academic Secretariat.

If this option is taken, students must review the appropriate Regulations before lodging a review:
Academic Regulations Clause 84
Discipline Regulations Clause 23

International Students
The Overseas Students Ombudsman offers a free and independent service for current and intending overseas students who have a complaint or wish to lodge an external appeal about a decision made by the University. Refer to the Overseas Students Ombudsman website or phone 1300 362 072 for more information.

If this option is taken, currently enrolled students must advise the Manager, Academic Secretariat, within 14 semester days of being advised of the outcome of the formal internal appeal. The Manager, Academic Secretariat, will advise the Student Business Centre accordingly.


The University understands that an unfavourable decision may cause stress and anxiety in some people. Complaints and appeals will be managed in a manner that is respectful to all parties. The University expects all persons (complainants and respondents) to be treated with respect, fairness and without harassment.

Unreasonable conduct (including disrespectful behaviour, unreasonable persistence, arguments, demands or vexatious conduct) will not be tolerated. The University reserves the right to cease engaging with any persons displaying ongoing written or verbal behaviour that, having regard to all circumstances, would be offensive, belittling, derogatory, abusive or threatening to another person.

The University provides free confidential counselling services for staff and students experiencing stress and anxiety. For more information visit our Psychological Services page.