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Bond University Student Association (BUSA)

The Bond University Student Association (BUSA) is your student organisation and provides services to the broader student community. BUSA's mission is to make student life at Bond more rewarding - ranging from enhancing academic pursuits, facilitating sporting involvement and satisfying social necessities. BUSA is a secular, apolitical and unpaid Management Committee of elected student volunteers here to represent you and help you make the most of your time at Bond.

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Faculty Student Associations

Business Student Association

Student associations are vital to the Bond Business School, providing opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership while engaging with academics, industry and the wider community.

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Health Sciences & Medicine Student Association

The Health Science and Medicine Students’ Association (HMSA) and the The Medical Students Society of Bond University (MSSBU), also known as MedSoc is a student body elected by students to support and advocate the interests of Bond’s Health and Medicine st

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Law Students' Association

The Law Students’ Association (LSA) play a significant role in supporting all Bond Law students through the course of their studies, whether it be welcoming them to Bond in their initial weeks to farewelling them as Graduands.

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Society & Design Student Association

Bond's Faculty of Society & Design is home to the Society & Design Students' Association which represent the students in the faculty as well as offer an array of services.

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Services and support

BUSA offers a number of services and support to students, including:

  • student advocacy
  • reasonable adjustments
  • clubs, societies and association support
  • social, educational and cultural events
  • acting as your voice on University issues
  • publications
  • external connections

Where to find us

BUSA’s Office is located above the Lakeside eating area on the second floor overlooking the central lake and fountain.  It is accessible from the external stairs in front of building six, or from level two by walking around the verandah towards the front of the building.  The BUSA Office is staffed by the Executives and Directors of BUSA on a rotating roster, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.