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Your Academic Responsibilities

As a student, you have a number of academic responsibilities:

You are responsible for the integrity of your academic work. This includes properly acknowledging and referencing your sources, and accurately representing your own work.

If you are found guilty of engaging in academic misconduct (such as cheating, acts of plagiarism, acts of fabrication, recycling content, colluding, falsifying data or ghost writing/contract cheating), depending on the severity of misconduct, you may receive a reduced mark, a fail grade for the assessment piece or the subject or you may even be suspended or expelled from the University.

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Bond University is committed to compliance with the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and respects the rights of copyright holders under the law. Materials that have copyright may include film, music and literature, as well as written content.

Check our guide to Copyright Compliance Policy to ensure you understand the rules about what you can use.

You are responsible for being engaged and actively involved in your studies. This includes:

  • keeping up with minimum attendance requirements for your classes
  • working collaboratively with other students in group work
  • accessing and submitting your work in a timely manner

The University provides a number of academic support services that can help.

We want every student to enjoy academic success and to complete their program of study. We have support systems in place to help you achieve this.

We work to identify students who are struggling academically as early as possible, so that we can help. If you are at risk of being placed on warning or academically excluded, we will provide intervention and support.