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Appeals & complaints resolution


Lodging an appeal or making a complaint

This website provides information to assist you in lodging an appeal or making a complaint about your treatment within the University. In most cases problems can be resolved through informal enquiries, discussion and clarification. If you have a complaint because of an academic or administrative decision, or exclusion for unsatisfactory academic process we will do our best to help you resolve the complaint.

If your complaint is in relation to unfair treatment, inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour on campus or by a Bond University student(s) or a Bond University staff member please visit the Safety, Respect, Care and Consent.


Academic Regulations

The University’s Academic Regulations provide a fair and equitable approach to complaints and appeals and provide for the review of any decision made at the University other than those relating to disciplinary matters.

Further information: Manager, Academic Secretariat [email protected]

Unreasonable Conduct Statement

The University understands that an unfavourable decision may cause stress and anxiety in some people. Complaints and appeals will be managed in a manner that is respectful to all parties. The University expects all persons (complainants and respondents) to be treated with respect, fairness and without harassment.

Unreasonable conduct (including disrespectful behaviour, unreasonable persistence, arguments, demands or vexatious conduct) will not be tolerated. The University reserves the right to cease engaging with any persons displaying ongoing written or verbal behaviour that, having regard to all of the circumstances, would be offensive, belittling, derogatory, abusive or threatening to another person.

The University provides free confidential counselling services for staff and students experiencing stress and anxiety. For more information visit our Psychological Services page.


Who best to approach about your complaint

In most cases, problems can be resolved through informal enquiries and discussions. If the informal approach does not resolve the problem, students can lodge a formal complaint to get a review of the decision.

Report all issues regarding grades to the following:

Informal complaintFormal complaint
Subject Coordinator.

Student Business Centre: 
Formal review of results: Review of Grade form

Report all issues regarding formal academic decisions including application for advanced standing, fees, refusal of deferred exam application to the following:

Informal complaintFormal complaint
Student Business Centre

Email: Academic Secretariat

Report all issues regarding subject or program content, including changes to published information.

Informal complaintFormal complaint
  • Subject/Program Coordinator
  • Class Representative
  • Faculty Associate Dean SASQ
  • Student Association
  • eTEVALs*

Email: Academic Secretariat

* eTEVALs provide students with a tool to provide feedback on either or both the subject content or subject coordinator performance and should not be used to report serious allegations against staff – see Student Evaluation of Teaching Policy

Report all issues regarding an administrative issue including facilities, resources, theft to the following:

Informal complaintFormal complaint
  • Faculty Associate Dean SASQ
  • Senior Residence Fellow
  • Security Staff/Police
  • Cultural Liaison Support Staff
  • Disability Officer

Email: Academic Secretariat

Your teacher can guide you in the first instance to find more information about lodging a complaint.

If the matter is regarding your Teacher you should contact the appropriate Academic Coordinator via [email protected].

If the matter is regarding the Coordinator you should contact the Director via [email protected].


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