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Exchange - How to apply

Once you have completed steps 1 to 4 (preparing for Exchange), you are now ready to begin the application process! Follow steps 5 and 6 below to submit your application to the Bond Exchange Office.

Exchange applications should be submitted two semesters in advance (e.g. in 231 for exchange in 233).

Seeking Faculty approval for subjects (Step 5) can take 2-4 weeks, so please begin the process with adequate time before the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

See Step 6 for deadlines.

If you need help along the way,¬†contact¬†[email protected].

5. Seek Faculty pre-approval for the subjects you would like to take overseas

Selecting subjects to study overseas is an important part of the application process. You must match your exchange subjects as best you can to your Bond study plan, and then submit your proposed subjects to your faculty for approval via the Exchange Subject Approval Form.  Once signed by Faculty, this form will need to be attached to your online exchange application.  

IMPORTANT: Faculty approval at Bond does not guarantee that you will be able to enrol in the approved subjects at your host institution (classes may fill up, clash with your timetable, get withdrawn, etc), so please ensure your study plan is flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes.

6. Apply to Bond's International Exchange Program

7. Apply directly to the nominated partner institutions

If your nomination is accepted by the host university, you will be sent instructions on how to apply directly to the host university.