Apply for the International Exchange program

Once you have completed steps 1 to 4 (preparing for Exchange), you are now ready to begin the application process! Follow steps 5 and 6 below to submit your application to the Bond Exchange Office.

Exchange applications should be submitted two semesters in advance (e.g. in 191 for exchange in 193). See Step 6 for deadlines. Seeking Faculty approval for subjects (Step 5) can take up to 4 weeks, so please begin the process with adequate time before the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you need help along the way, please don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].

5. Seek Faculty pre-approval for the subjects you would like to take overseas

Selecting subjects to study overseas is an important part of the application process. You must match your exchange subjects as best you can to your Bond study plan, and then submit your proposed subjects to your Faculty for approval via the Exchange Subject Approval form in eStudent.

IMPORTANT: Faculty approval at Bond does not guarantee that you will be able to enrol in the approved subjects at your host institution (classes may fill up, clash with your timetable, get withdrawn, etc), so make sure that your study plan is flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes.

General electives: Code and name of the subject, subject description (approx. one paragraph) and the credit weighting

Faculty electives (excluding HSM): Code and name of the subject, subject description (approx. one paragraph) and the credit weighting (Law electives must be taught by a Law Faculty)

HSM electives: Official detailed subject outline from the host university that includes week-to-week breakdown of content, assessment tasks, literature used, and learning outcomes.

Study plan subjects (Core, Foundation or Major option): Official detailed subject outline from the host university that includes week-to-week breakdown of content, assessment tasks, literature used, and learning outcomes. Your Faculty will assess that the host university subject is at least an 80% match* to the required Bond subject.

* Exceptions: Business Major Options and INTR Major Options do not need to match 80%, however a detailed outline is still required for assessment.


  • Download/save the subject description/outline from the partner university website as a PDF document and name the file with the title of the subject.
  • Ensure that the subject description/outline captures all of the information required for assessment (as per above).
  • DO NOT copy and paste descriptions/outlines into a Word document. Faculty need to see that the information has come from an official source.
  • If you are unable to locate the subject descriptions/outlines, please email [email protected] for assistance.
  • Faculty are not able to make an assessment with the names of the subjects alone.

To apply for Exchange subject pre-approval:

  1. Search the course catalogue of the overseas partner institution and find at least 8-10 subject options. Please ensure subjects are available in the relevant semester, not restricted to Exchange students and you meet all pre-requisite requirements as determined by host institution.
  2. Download the host university subject outlines/descriptions as individual PDF documents and label each document with the name of the subject. Also save your study plan as a PDF document to upload.
  3. Submit an application via 'Forms' in eStudent or direct via Exchange Subject Approval Form *

*Some students are experiencing issues with eStudent forms when using some web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. If you receive an "Application error" message, trying completing the form in Internet Explorer 11.

You will receive your application outcome via email. Please allow two weeks for Faculty assessment.

6. Apply to Bond's International Exchange Program

Apply 2 semesters / 7 months prior to your Exchange semester abroad:
For 201 - Apply by 1 July 2019
For 202 - Apply by 15 October 2019
For 203 - Apply by 1 March 2020

We are able to accept late applications to some institutions, so if you have missed the deadline, get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have completed steps 1-5. Note: You do not need to wait for Faculty to approve your subjects before submitting your application.

To submit your online application, you will need to upload the following:

  • a copy of your Bond academic transcript (you can source this from the Results TAB in eStudent)
  • the contact details for a Bond academic (lecturer or tutor) you have nominated to provide an academic reference
  • your Bond degree study plan (as per Step 2, approved and signed by the Student Business Centre)

Go to the online application instructions and link to online application.

Your application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • satisfaction of the eligibility criteria
  • sufficient subjects approved by Faculty (at least twice as many subjects as required for full time enrolment)
  • the competitiveness of your CPA (if the number of places at your preferred host institution is less than the number of applicants)

You will receive an email update approximately three weeks after the deadline regarding the outcome of your application.

Most students will be nominated to their first preference institution; however, the final decision lies with the host university.

7. Apply directly to the nominated partner institutions

If your nomination is accepted by the host university, you will be sent instructions on how to apply. You will also be asked to complete and sign the Response to Nomination Form.

Application requirements will differ from country to country, however most universities will require the following:

  • Official Academic Transcript: you may need to send the original or scanned copy to your host university. This is not the same as the unofficial academic record you can download from eStudent. You can order your official transcript online or from the Student Business Centre.
  • Personal Statement: take the time to write a considered response, including your motivation to study at the institution.
  • Copy of the photo page of your passport: Passports must be valid for at least 6 months past your intended return date.
  • Health/vaccination certificate: you may be required to provide a certificate of health and/or proof of immunisations.
  • Proof of finances: some institutions may require you to demonstrate your financial ability to pay for your living expenses by providing an original bank statement or official letter from your (or your sponsor’s) bank showing sufficient funds available. They may also require the funds to be shown in the host country’s currency.
  • International health insurance
    • Please be aware that Bond’s travel insurance policy is not a health insurance policy. It covers medical emergencies, but not routine health checks/doctor’s visits. We recommend students proceed with the host institution’s health insurance requirement.
    • The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with some countries.