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Exchange frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

An ‘exchange’ is the process whereby students study for a semester at an overseas institution and credit their studies back towards their Bond degree. Exchanges may only be undertaken at an overseas institution with which Bond has a formal exchange agreement.

Students must have completed 2 semesters prior to departure, which simply means students cannot apply in their first semester. Good Academic Standing (min 65% CPA & 70% for Law partners). A strong representative for Bond and Australia. International or Domestic students are both welcome to apply. Not recommend to students in their last semester as the Partner Transcript may not be available in time to transfer credits for graduation.

Student exchanges are designed to:

  • deepen intellectual and personal maturity, foster independent thinking and build self confidence.
  • enrich and diversify education by offering academic learning of a kind not always available at your home university.
  • provide students with a global outlook that emphasises the ties among nations and cultures and the necessity of working together.

Students generally participate in the exchange program during the January and September semesters each year. It is possible to go in the May semester however we have a limited number of partners whose semester dates correspond with this semester.

All academic aspects of your exchange are to be discussed with your Program Adviser within Faculty. You must obtain approval from your Adviser for the courses you wish to have credited back to your Bond degree. Your Program Adviser will need to see a full course outline of the courses you wish to take. Course offerings and descriptions can be obtained either from the exchange institutions web site, or contacting the institution directly.

Students are advised to use Bond University Faculty/General Electives while on exchange.

As a requirement of your student visa you will need to be enrolled at the exchange institution as a full time student (30 or 40 credit points). The number of subjects you need to enrol in may differ depending on the institution you are applying to and its country visa requirements. 

Students going on exchange continue to pay Bond tuition ie if you are taking four subjects at the exchange institution you will pay four subjects worth of tuition to Bond and your tuition at the exchange institution will be waived. All other costs such as accommodation, health cover, any activities fees etc will be paid directly to the exchange institution.

If you are currently on some form of scholarship at Bond, this will still apply to your tuition for your exchange semester. You can also still access FEE-HELP for your Bond tuition fees.

All students that go on exchange are entitled to a one-off $2,000 grant from Bond University. This grant is to assist students in funding during their exchange; credited to students’ accounts early into the exchange semester (please note funding will NOT be allocated prior to departure). In some cases mobility funding from the Australian Government is also available (though destinations vary year to year). Students are expected to provide testimonials and photos to the Exchange office and encouraged to join the Student Exchange Club on their return to help promote their exchange experience to potential outbound exchange students.

Going on exchange involves a two-step application process. The Exchange Office will first screen suitable candidates and then nominate these students to the appropriate exchange institution. Final approval lies with the exchange institution and they have the right to reject candidates recommended by our office. Once the partner exchange institution has accepted your application they will send an acceptance package. 

Credit will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of pre-approved subjects.

On your Bond transcript, your exchange semester will show as a series of ‘International Exchange Subjects” (depending on how many you take) with either Ungraded Passes (UGP) or Ungraded Fails (UGF) beside them. UGP and UGF grades do not change your GPA.

At the completion of your exchange semester, most exchange institutions will send a copy of your academic transcript to Bond’s Exchange office, and we will forward it to the Student Business Centre to process the transfer of your credit.

Some host institutions may require you to order a copy of your transcript from the university registrar. Please make sure you are familiar with the process at your host institution, and order a copy to be sent to the Bond Exchange Office if required.


Subjects awarded a grade equivalent to "satisfactory", "fair" and/or "average" and higher will be awarded an UGP.

Typically, a 'C' grade in the US, Canadian and ECTS (European) grading scales is considered "satisfactory achievement".

If you are unsure, please email a copy of your host institution grading scale to [email protected], and we will seek clarification on your behalf from the Student Business Centre and your Faculty.

In general, the exchange program is for one semester only. In exceptional cases, Bond International Office may be able to approve a second semester. This however, would be a case by case decision, based on a number of things such as Academic Adviser approval, exchange institution approval and the number of other applicants for that particular institution at the time. 

Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. It is highly recommended that students make direct contact with the exchange institution to enquire up front about housing options. Bond International Office will endeavour to assist students with information where possible but this is largely a support role only and students remain responsible for researching options and keeping to deadlines associated with housing applications. Due to the high demand for accommodation at almost all universities, it is important that students address this issue as early as possible. 

Universities not listed on the documentation provided, are not official exchange partners of Bond University. Students therefore cannot go on ‘exchange’ to these institutions. It may however be possible, with the approval of your Academic Adviser, to defer a semester at Bond and ‘study abroad’ at an institution of your choice. Please note that this would not be a process facilitated by the Exchange Office and students choosing this option would not receive the same benefits as exchange students (such as remaining enrolled at Bond and receiving the $2000 grant, Bond Travel Insurance etc).  

Unfortunately Bond students are not eligible for OS-HELP loans as they are currently only available to students enrolled in Commonwealth supported places. As Bond is a private university, we do not have any Commonwealth supported places.