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Climate Sustainability Clinic

What is the Climate Sustainability Clinic?

Climate change is the single most pressing issue of our time. The factors contributing to its acceleration are complex and multi-faceted. By implication then, the measures to be implemented to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change must be equally varied. Climate sustainability will be achieved as much by implementing big changes, as by small changes implemented by everyone. 

The Climate Sustainability Clinic offers students a unique opportunity to take action and become climate activists.  This is a 9-week program that enables law students, during their degrees, to volunteer their time to become environmentalists and to contribute to a safer climate future for all of us. Students will be an integral part of various ongoing projects aimed at improving Bond University’s climate sustainability performance, and educating our staff, students and the wider community about climate change, the regulation of climate change initiatives, and what we can all do today. 

Students will participate in the clinic for 2-3 hours per week, and meet regularly with the Clinic Co-ordinator to assess progress and future directions of the projects.

The Climate Sustainability Clinic is usually offered every semester but is subject to change.

Information for students

Contact the Clinic Coordinator

Ms Maria Nicolae

Prof Nicole Rogers