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Information for students from Norway

Bond has strong links with Norway. Many Norwegian students have studied at Bond and several Norwegian academics have spent time at Bond as visiting staff. They include Professor Ernst Nordtveit from the University of Bergen and Professor Inge Unneberg from the University of Tromso.

We have an arrangement with the University of Bergen, Faculty of Law, under which Professor Nordtveit comes to Bond to teach Clean Energy Law for those students interested in European and Australian Energy Law. Our students can take the course as part of the elective component of their Bond degrees.

Which law program should I take?

One full-time semester as an undergraduate or postgraduate* Study Abroad student is equivalent to one semester of elective studies in Norway.

  • Bond University offers a one-semester Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice that consists of four subjects designed especially for civil law students, including the subject Introduction to Common Law.
  • Bond also offers one-semester Diplomas in corporate and commercial law, international trade law, and dispute resolution.
  • Norwegians who stay at Bond University for two semesters can obtain the degree of Master of Laws (LLM), after completing eight postgraduate subjects or six subjects and a 20,000 word research paper.

Language requirements

Bond normally requires international students to undertake a language test to demonstrate their English skills. If the required score is not obtained in the test, or if the student wants to improve their English skills, the Bond University College offers a preliminary language course on campus. Norwegian students who apply through IEC can use their high school diploma as proof of their language skills; a grade of 4 or higher is required either in the core English subject or as an elective.  

Student exchanges

Bergen University

  • A student exchange arrangement has been negotiated with Bergen University.
  • The David Doublet scholarship is available to one student each year from Bergen University.
  • Students are also able to study at Bond University as a Study Abroad student. University fees will apply to Study Abroad places.

University of Oslo

  • A student exchange arrangement has been negotiated with University of Oslo.
  • Bond University offers two 25% scholarships for UO students studying in the Bond Master of Laws (LLM) program. 

* Norwegian students who have successfully completed three or more years of full-time study are eligible to apply for postgraduate degrees and programs.