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Living costs

The Gold Coast is an incredible place to study, work and live. It’s also a more affordable place to live than most of Australia’s major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. 

Groceries and restaurant prices are lower than the Australian average, and budgeting for your expenses will help your money go further. 

We’ve compiled a guide to the cost of living on the Gold Coast. 

(All prices are in AUD)

Costs to consider

  • Accommodation

    There are several accommodation options to consider when coming to study at Bond. If you are not living with friends or family, you can apply for on-campus accommodation or rent off-campus accommodation nearby.

    Weekly rent for a room on the Gold Coast starts at about $200, depending on the proximity to the beach and amenities.

    Bond also offers a variety of on-campus rooms starting at a similar price, with a Standard Twin room costing $2,925 per semester in 2024. Rates include utilities, laundry facilities, and cleaning.

    If you’re looking to rent an apartment to yourself, you can expect to pay from about $450 a week, again depending on the location. 

Estimated weekly costs (AUD)

ItemOff campus (shared)Off campus (individually)On campusHomestay / boarding
Electricity, gas and water$20$20IncludedIncluded
Eating out$30-$90$30-$90$30-$90$30-$90
Mobile phone plan$10$10$10$10
Parking and transport$15-$30$15-$30$15-30$15-30
Other: photocopying, stationary, sport, etc.$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50
Weekly total$400-$650$680-$790$422-$653$350-$450
Annual total$20,800-$33,800$35,360-$41,080$21,944-$33,956$18,200-$23,400

Other costs for international students

While we have provided the estimated weekly costs as a general guide to living costs in Australia, the Australian Government requires all international students to have at least $29,710 AUD per annum for living expenses to support themselves while studying their chosen degree. 

These amounts are the minimum required for establishing a student’s financial capability. 

To be granted an international student visa, you may need to show you have genuine access to enough money to cover your living expenses for the first year or two of studying in Australia. The visa requirements will depend on your circumstances, and any questions can be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.

Please note the amounts listed above do not necessarily represent the total cost of living in Australia.

You may also wish to refer to the Australian immigration authority's requirements on their webpage.