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Life on the Gold Coast

Life on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Gold Coast – Australia’s favourite classroom! Let’s explore…

Life on the Gold Coast

Personal Open Day

If you are getting set to embark on your university journey, Bond Personal Open Day is for you! It's an exclusive opportunity where you get the keys to campus for the day, in your very own Open Day adventure. 


Growth and innovation

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's fastest-growing cities, with new ventures, big business ideas and employment opportunities constantly emerging. We are known for being innovative and entrepreneurial, and are the sixth largest city in the country. 


Our culture

While we’re not the size of Sydney or Melbourne just yet, that just adds to our charm – and our vibrant city environment matches our larger counterparts! There is so much happening on the Gold Coast, with a community event at every turn – the only question is which one you’ll pick! Get involved with sport, the arts, local businesses… the list goes on, and that’s not to mention our incredible food scene.


Our community

The Gold Coast community is a unique blend of vibrant and laid-back that you’ll have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Coming from humble beginnings, we haven’t lost our coastal town feel, and we love our surf, sunshine and sport. We are a tightknit community and are always coming up with new ideas to connect with one another.

Getting around

Whether you want to chill out at the beach, venture into the hinterland or head into the heart of the city, there are plenty of ways to get around. Explore the Gold Coast by car, train, bus or even light rail – there is so much to see.


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