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Information for parents

Just as you have supported and guided your child through their school years, you still have an important role to play in helping them tackle the big decisions of which university they should apply for and which degree best suits their interests, strengths and career ambitions.

The fact is that all universities are not created equal. Did you know, for instance, that some of Australia’s largest universities now cater for more than 65,000 students, with up to 500 enrolled in one single subject?

This is NOT how Bond University operates, and it’s certainly not how we have achieved more 5-star ratings for Student Experience than any other university in Australia for the past 14 years in a row.

At the heart of every Bondy is a parent

A child’s success story starts with you as parents. We are honoured to be a part of the stories of so many. Parents of Bondies talk about their first impressions of Bond and how their children have continued their journeys of success at Bond.

Bond offers a personalised academic environment to prepare students for success in their future careers, goals and endeavours.

At Bond, students learn in smaller class sizes, allowing our academics to invest in students in a mentoring role.

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Learn more about financial aid options, such as FEE-HELP, and the value of a Bond degree.

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Experience Bond University first-hand! Campus tours are catered to your student’s individual interests and led by our Bond Student Ambassadors. We try our best to match students up with a Student Ambassador who is from their hometown or high school or is studying the degree program that he or she is interested in.

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Explore Bond

Choosing a university is a huge decision, and Bond offers several ways for your student to get to know us and experience the Bond difference right now.

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Uniquely Bond

Student for a Semester

Students in Year 11 and 12 have the unique opportunity to enrol in a Bond subject and attend classes with other Bondies, gaining the full Bond experience while in high school.

Successful completion of the subject is eligible for credit, and students who successfully complete and pass two Student for a Semester subjects will be eligible for direct admission into Bond University.

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Athlete-Friendly University

Bond wants to make It as easy as possible for your student to pursue both academic and sporting careers. Bond supports elite student athletes by providing flexible study loads and requirements for athletes.

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The Transformer

As part of their degrees, all Bond students are given the opportunity to participate in the new Transformer program. This fee-free, co-curricular program is designed to expand entrepreneurial skills, dive deep into big picture thinking and embrace creative problem solving. Students who participate will have access to academic support, industry coaching, workshops, guest speaker presentations, events and resources to guide them through their projects.

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Beyond Bond

Today’s workforce requires university graduates to come prepared with more than just their degrees. That’s where our Beyond Bond programs comes in. Beyond Bond helps students expand their horizons with internships, global volunteering programs, international competitions, industry conferences, study tours, community service and much more.

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They sure do. Our graduates constantly tell us that one of the biggest advantages of attending Bond is the one-on-one help they receive from our academics. Our teachers know their students by name. They offer an open-door policy. They even use their industry contacts to line up internships and job opportunities.

In our small, discussion-based classes, students also get to know each other, forging life-long friendships and working together on projects that often evolve into successful real-life ventures after they graduate.

Some of the other big advantages of our low staff/student ratio include:

  • Our world class facilities are available to every student – not just the chosen few.
  • Our students have more chances of being selected for international competitions, leadership roles, sporting teams and more.
  • Less competition for internships, work placements and job opportunities.
  • More opportunities for global study tours, student exchanges and cross-faculty collaborations.
  • Immediate access to study support, personal counselling and on-campus medical services.

Whilst it’s true that more universities are now offering a summer semester, Bond is still the only university in Australia that operates a true three-semesters-per-year model with a full suite of available subjects (as opposed to a reduced offering).

This means our students graduate up to a year ahead of their peers and can jump-start their careers sooner.

We think it is! University marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. This is when your child will discover who they are, what they care about and all that they can be.

At Bond University, they’ll get so much more than a degree:

  • They will develop the all-important life skills of critical thinking, communication, leadership, team work and ethics through our unique core curriculum.
  • They will acquire the key employability skills that employers are looking for through their involvement in the community, work and career-focused activities of our compulsory Beyond Bond program.
  • They will be taught to think like an entrepreneur and work on problem-solving projects of their own choosing with students from all different faculties through our fee-free Transformer program, available to students from all faculties.
  • They’ll have the opportunity to make high level industry contacts with guest lecturers, advisors, mentors and event programs.
  • They’ll explore new interests and make life-long friends by joining our extensive range of clubs and societies.
  • They’ll have the opportunity to travel, study, work and live overseas through our study tours, student exchange programs, global competitions and international internships.
  • They’ll be ready to hit the ground running thanks to the one-on-one career planning, job search skills, interview preparation and employment referrals provided by our qualified recruitment professionals at the on-campus Career Development Centre
  • They’ll learn the importance of work-life balance with free access to our recreational and sports facilities.

Yes it is. Just as private schools charge higher fees than government schools, so does Bond as a private, not-for-profit university – with all of our student fees being invested in our premium educational experience.

As with any other university, however, Bond’s tuition fees can be funded through the Australian Government’s interest-free FEE-HELP Loan System.

We also offer an extensive range of full and part-fee scholarships for students who have demonstrated academic achievements, community involvement and sporting excellence.

They’re not the only one! In our experience, most 17-18 year olds don’t have a clear idea of their future career – which is why we offer our Headstart and Experience Day events.

Rather than just talking to a career counsellor, your teen can spend a full day here on campus meeting students, lecturers and advisors from all of our different faculties during Headstart Day or from a specific subject area during our Experience Days.

They can even complete a full Bond University subject while they are still in Year 11 or 12 by enrolling in the Student for a Semester program

We also offer personalised campus tours for students, parents and friends.

And, of course, we have our big Twilight Open Day in July each year, which gives students full access to our campus, faculties, academics and current students and features information sessions from each faculty, campus tours, food and fun.

Absolutely. We offer a number of general and discipline-specific pathway programs for students who don’t have an OP/ATAR or who don’t get the required OP/ATAR for their chosen degree:

  • Bond University College - University Preparation Program  – a two-semester program focusing on general academic and study skills, available for domestic students who have completed Year 11. Successful students will be guaranteed a place in most Bond University higher education diplomas and bachelor degrees.
  • Higher Education Diplomas  – a selection of two-semester programs focusing on specific disciplines, available for students with an OP 16 to 21 / ATAR 63.20 to 40.65. These programs include some bachelor-level subjects and successful students can pathway into the third semester of the relevant Bond degree.

Our pathway programs are delivered on campus at Bond University College, where students have full access to all University resources and facilities.

You can contact your Domestic Regional Manager or International Regional Manager directly for any and all questions you have about studying at Bond.


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