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Previous winners


The films selected as winners of each category are films of superior quality exhibiting strong artistic exploration of the category in which the film is entered. The films demonstrate a very high level of filmic style and creativity in both the subject matter and the manner in which the elements of the category are explored. The films also reveal a strong understanding of screen language and high-levels of technical competence.

BUFTA Winner Profiles

Hear from each of our BUFTA winners, as they reflect on their experience and share their advice for those considering entering BUFTA.

2023 BUFTA Winner

Benjamin Rosenberg won 2023 Best Overall Filmmaker for his short film comedy 'Golden Hour', and documentary 'Mitchell'.

BUFTA Gala Award Finalists

Look back at the BUFTA Finalists who took home Craft, Category, and Jury recognition awards for their outstanding filmmaking skills.

2022 BUFTA Winner

Indiana Allen won 2022 Best Overall Filmmaker for her short film drama, 'Scars'.

BUFTA Nominees

Being selected as a BUFTA Nominee is a huge achievement, and is a recognition of the creativity and skill of these young filmmakers.

2019 BUFTA Winner

Austin Macfarlane won 2019 Best Overall Filmmaker for his short film drama 'Mates', and music video 'White Knuckles'.