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PLT: Gain admission to practise law

The Faculty of Law at Bond University is a professional law school offering accredited programs including the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (also known as ‘PLT’). We deliver a rigorous curriculum that engages you and provides practical training in the essential skills needed to become a lawyer. Students will be taught by industry professionals to ensure they are workplace-ready.

The PLT program provides flexibility to study as students can choose to study either full-time (on-campus) or online with the option of full-time or part-time study. 

What our students say

“I chose the online delivery method as I currently work full time and was unable to attend on campus. Having completed my Bachelor of Laws online with another university, I have experienced firsthand how challenging this learning method can be, however the amount of support I have received from all of the Bond teaching staff to date has been incredible and I have not experienced any of the difficulties that one would expect when engaging in online education.”

Emily Graduate Law Clerk

Key features

  • Small, personalised class sizes engaging students
  • Extensive support finding practical placements in your area of interest
  • Taught by academics who have extensive industry experience
  • On-going mentoring and assistance towards admission

About the program

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice  (ONLINE) (GDLP) is a postgraduate program offered by the Faculty of Law, and is the link between a student’s law degree and becoming a practising lawyer. The GDLP provides students with a structured coursework learning environment as well as supervised legal training. Show more

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice  (ONLINE) (GDLP) is a postgraduate program offered by the Faculty of Law, and is the link between a student’s law degree and becoming a practising lawyer. The GDLP provides students with a structured coursework learning environment as well as supervised legal training. The program is based on the competency standards for entry level lawyers developed by the admitting authorities and the Australian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC). 

Successful completion of the program will enable students to apply for admission to legal practice in Australia and in some overseas jurisdictions.  Students should contact the relevant admitting authority to ascertain the requirements for admission in specific States or Territories. Show less

Duration2 semesters (8 months)
Starting semesters
  • May 2019
  • September 2019
  • January 2020
  • May 2020
  • September 2020
Program typePostgraduate Diploma
Study areaLaw
Program codeLA-43042
CRICOS codeThis program is not available to international students who intend to apply for a student visa.
Credit for prior studyFor more details on applying for credit, please contact the Student Business Centre: [email protected]

Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice will enable you to apply for admission to legal practice in Australia (except South Australia and Northern Territory). Students should contact the relevant admitting authority to ascertain the requirements for admission in specific States or Territories. 

The Professional Legal Training online program has three components:

1. Practical legal training component

This component is delivered online over one semester (full-time) or two semesters (part-time).

Practical Legal Training concentrates on the development of ‘lawyering’ skills such as legal research, analysis and problem solving, legal writing and drafting, interviewing and oral communication, advising, advocacy, dispute resolution and professional ethics and conduct.

Online PLT students will be expected to attend Bond University for one learning intensive for one week near the beginning of the Practical Legal Training component.

2. Practical experience component

Students are required to complete 75 days of work experience in an approved law office in Australia.  If you are studying online full time, you may undertake your practical experience either before or after, but not concurrently with, the Practical Legal Training component.  If you are studying online part time, you may undertake the practical experience before, after or concurrently with the Practical  Legal Training component.  The work experience can be undertaken in more than one law office and can be completed prior to or after the Practical Training component.  Our law Graduate Placement Manager can assist students in obtaining a placement.

3. Continuing practical training component

This provides students with a further 75 hours of training relevant to the Practical Experience component and is completed online. It is undertaken concurrently with the Practical Experience component.

Teaching approach

Bond Law’s unique personalised approach to teaching allows online students to benefit from one-on-one access to experienced practising legal professionals, practical legal training academics and acknowledged industry experts.  At the beginning of the program online students are required to attend a compulsory on campus learning intensive.

The below fees are based on the total cost, fees may vary based on which subjects are selected and the number of subjects enrolled in for each semester.

  • 2019 fees: $9,640
  • 2020 fees: $9,980

When considering the fees associated with your studies, keep in mind that Bond’s accelerated schedule means you can finish your degree sooner and be out in the workforce up to a year earlier than if you went to another university.

This time saving also represents a substantial reduction in accommodation and living costs, plus a full year of extra earnings.

Find out your financing options and other costs to consider.

Academic entry requirements

Completion of a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor program (or equivalent) at an approved Australian institution.

Please contact the Office of Future Students for further information.

Concurrent enrolment

Students will be considered for concurrent enrolment in the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice:

  • at the discretion of the PLT Director;
  • with a maximum of two (2) electives remaining in their Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or Juris Doctor (JD) program; and
  • with written approval from the Legal Practitioners Admission Board (LPAB) or its equivalent in the State/Territory in which the student intends to be admitted.

Please note:  Students with Priestly Eleven compulsory subjects to complete cannot be approved for concurrent enrolment.

How to apply

Students must submit a Concurrent Enrolment Application Form for consideration at least three (3) weeks prior to the Program commencement.  

Please note that in addition, students must also submit an official application for the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice via the Bond website.

Please contact [email protected] or +61 7 5595 2284 to obtain a copy of the Application Form or for any concurrent enrolment enquiries.  

Please note that the rules and conditions of concurrent enrolment are subject to change. Concurrent enrolment is not a ground for special consideration for students in relation to absence from class, extensions, assignments, assessments, exams, appeals, late withdrawals, etc. for their Law subjects or PLT. Students are required to attend all PLT compulsory sessions. 

Students are reminded that admission to legal practice is your responsibility. If you have any concerns about how your concurrent enrolment may affect your eligibility to apply for admission to legal practice, you should contact the LPAB or its equivalent in the State/Territory in which you intend to be admitted.

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to provide documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language. Read more detailed information on English Language Proficiency Requirements for university study.

Credit for prior study

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

Key dates

Bond University calendar

How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the Online Application Form. To find out more about the application process please refer to How to Apply.


Program variations

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is also offered on-campus. For more information, please click on the link below:


What our academics say

“The practical workshops and skill based material delivered by experienced legal practitioners together with one-on-one mentoring for trainees and access to services like the Career Development Centre are invaluable and set Bond PLT apart from other providers.”

Tanya Atwill Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

Further study

Are you interested in further postgraduate study? In addition to applying for admission, upon completion of the PLT program, students have the option of continuing their studies to obtain a Master of Laws. The LLM is a postgraduate law qualification that provides flexibility and choice with a wide range of specialist areas, which means you can design your Master's degree to suit your area of interest and needs. Upon successful completion of the PLT program, students will receive credit for two of the eight subjects in the LLM program.

How Bond Law graduates are embracing opportunity

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