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Adding or swapping subjects

Swapping subjects: withdrawing from subjects to add others

If you're swapping subjects, make sure you understand how withdrawing from your original subjects may affect your enrolment, grades and fees.

International students

You should talk to an Enrolment Advisor and the International Student Team before changing your enrolment.

Changing your enrolment may mean you won't complete your studies within the time specified in your confirmation of enrolment (eCoE). This means that you can't meet the requirements of your student visa.

For more information please visit the Department of Home Affairs.

When can I add or swap subjects?

You can add and swap subjects via your Study Plan in eStudent.

How to enrol in subjects via your Study Plan in eStudent 

You must enrol in your subjects on or before the census date for the semester or teaching period you're studying in.

You can add or swap subjects until two weeks before the census date.

Census date is the date in each teaching period by which you need to have your enrolment requirements finalised. You cannot add subjects after the census date. Any withdrawals after the census date will incur the full financial penalty. More information about census dates.

Adding and swapping subjects in the two weeks before the census date

In the two weeks before the census date you can't add or swap subjects via your Study Plan, you must apply to change your enrolment.

Request for Late Subject Enrolment form

Use this form to add or swap subjects. You must pay a late cancellation fee if you cancel subjects and the fee which will be charged to your student account. If you can demonstrate special circumstances, such as medical problems or deferred exams, you may not have to pay the late fee.

We won't approve your application to change your enrolment if:

  • the unit coordinator doesn't approve your enrolment
  • you have current sanctions on your Bond student account
  • the subject  is full.