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Disability support

If you have a disability, illness, injury or health condition that impacts your capacity to complete studies, exams or assessment tasks, it is important you let us know your special requirements, early in the semester. Students will need to make an application for support and submit it with recent, comprehensive documentation at an appointment with a Disability Officer.

Students with a disability are encouraged to contact the Disability Officer at the earliest possible time, to meet staff and learn about the services available to meet your specific needs.

To support the process between the Students, Faculties and the Disability Office, it is recommended that prospective students should:

  1. Indicate in their application that they wish to be considered for reasonable adjustments and/or support during their study. Students who indicate this on their application will be contacted by the Disability Officer.
  2. Speak to a University Disability Officer for information about medical documentation required to access adjustments.
  3. Investigate the ‘Inherent Requirements’ and consider any practical components of your chosen program/s to ensure you have elected a good match to your individual skills, interests and abilities.
  4. Visit the University to check out the facilities/ transport/ physical access.
  5. Investigate the estimated face to face and study hours required of each subject so that you can consider an appropriate study load for your first semester.

Disability Office

To make an appointment with a Disability Officer, please phone or visit Medical, Psychological and Disability Services.

Medical, Psychological and Disability Services
Bond University QLD 4229
Appointments: +61 7 5595 4002
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm


Students requiring reasonable adjustments and support should complete an Application for Reasonable Adjustments form and submit recent and comprehensive professional supporting documentation to the Disability Officer as follows:

New Students: End of Week 3 of the Semester
Continuing Students: End of Week 2 of the Semester

Late notification or failure to disclose your disability can be to your disadvantage as implementation of reasonable adjustments requests may be delayed and the University cannot guarantee support under such circumstances.

If you have any concerns, please contact a Disability Officer, Student Services or a Faculty Program Advisor directly.

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