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Innovate, inspire and create positive international change with the Master of Healthcare Innovations

Bond University has developed the Master of Healthcare Innovations. This new degree, the first of its kind in Australia, targets at a diverse cohort of international health leaders who want to be systems thinkers and problems solvers by using research-based evidence to deliver high-quality healthcare in the 21st century.

This innovative, multidisciplinary program is run in conjunction with the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond Business School and the Bond University Transformer, allowing students to explore the content led by global leaders in higher education, research and innovation. This emphasis on inter-disciplinary and inter-industry learning and collaboration ensures the future graduates of this program can create a shift in current models and systems of care, with the use of new technologies, new business models and a disruptive value network to bring about systematic reform.

Learn in small group face to face intensive workshops for interaction, supported by blended and online learning approaches

"Taught by industry leading professionals, healthcare experts and researchers, the Master of Healthcare Innovations will address the current changing landscape of health care and how we educate the workforce to develop different models and systems of care to lead the type of health care required for the 21st century"

Janie Smith Professor of Innovations in Medical Education

Key features

  • Complete the degree full time in one year, or part time at the students choosing
  • Taught in intensive workshops allowing flexibility for international students
  • Relevant subjects can be credited for continuing professional development

About the program

The health care landscape is changing and the way in which we currently educate the workforce will not prepare them to lead the type of health care required for the 21st century.  What is required is a workforce who can develop different models and systems of care, which will require new technologies, new business models and a disruptive value network to bring about systematic reform. Show more

The health care landscape is changing and the way in which we currently educate the workforce will not prepare them to lead the type of health care required for the 21st century.  What is required is a workforce who can develop different models and systems of care, which will require new technologies, new business models and a disruptive value network to bring about systematic reform. 

Are you an early to mid-career health professional, health administrator, health economist, academic, and looking for something different that will help you to view the health system through a different lens? Bond’s Master of Healthcare Innovations is an Australian first. During this program you will use design thinking, problem-solving, and systems thinking to apply the evidence to develop a deep knowledge of health and health care.  This will enable you to manage and educate people, innovate, influence, translate information and technology, to bring about the positive system change required to meet the health care needs of the Australian population. You will then apply this knowledge and skills through undertaking a joint project and capstone placement in a field of your choice. 

The Master of Healthcare Innovations is offered full time over 3 semesters (one-year) or part-time, to enable busy health professionals to work at the same time. Most subjects also have intensive face to face workshops conducted concurrently with other subjects to enable you to attend face to face only once or twice per semester.  All other material will be offered using blended learning approaches that may include: using teaching sessions online, design thinking exercises, case studies, interactive presentations and podcasts, journal clubs, online modules, Transformer activities, capstone placements, and research activities where students get to innovate and apply the theory to their own practice. 

This innovative program offers three exit points – Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree.  Show less

ModeOn Campus
Duration3 semesters (1 year)
Starting semesters
  • January 2020
  • September 2020
  • January 2021
  • September 2021
  • January 2022
  • September 2022
Program typeMasters Coursework
Study areaHealth Sciences, Medicine
Program codeCC-63057
CRICOS code099578F
Credit for prior studyFor more details on applying for credit, please contact the Student Business Centre: [email protected]

The program will produce graduates who will use evidence based research to innovate, influence, translate information and technology and bring about the positive change required in the health system to meet the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

The degree will provide graduates with the ability to:

  • Diagnose a health system problem, apply design thinking and research evidence to an innovation project
  • Use systems planning and knowledge translation to bring about positive and innovative change for quality improvement in health care
  • Evaluate how disruptive technologies could impact on future models of health care and health professional roles
  • Describe the social, ethical, legal and financial impacts of change for sustainable health care
  • Synthesise, disseminate, exchange and apply ethically-sound, evidence based health information to health professionals and the community to improve health, health service delivery and the health care system

Offered full-time and part-time, Bond’s Master of Healthcare Innovations program will be delivered to small cohorts via a range of teaching methods including intensive workshops, collaborative online teaching sessions, design thinking exercises and podcasts, ultimately catering for interstate or international students, and those balancing studies with work.

Students who have completed the Harvard Macy Leading Innovations in Health Care and Education program can apply for credit.

Students must complete the following 8 required subjects, as well as 3 elective subjects:

Required subjects

Elective subjects

Recommended study structure

Please visit Program Structure and Sequence Plans for the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine for guidance on study plans.

The below fees are based on an average per semester cost, fees may vary based on which subjects are selected and the number of subjects enrolled in for each semester:

  • 2019 fees: $20,680 per semester (based on 4 subjects per semester)
  • 2020 fees: $21,720 per semester (based on 4 subjects per semester)

Price may vary depending on elective discipline choice.

When considering the fees associated with your studies, keep in mind that Bond’s accelerated schedule means you can finish your degree sooner and be out in the workforce up to a year earlier than if you went to another university.

This time saving also represents a substantial reduction in accommodation and living costs, plus a full year of extra earnings.

Find out your financing options and other costs to consider.

Academic entry requirements

Entry into the Master of Healthcare Innovations requires the following:

  • A minimum Bachelor level degree in Health or a related program with a minimum GPA of 1/4 (equivalent to 4/7), or
  • A minimum Bachelor level degree in a non-health related area with a minimum GPA of 1/4 (equivalent to 4/7) plus 3 years relevant work experience.

Please contact the Office of Future Students or call 1800 074 074 for further information.

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to provide documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language. Read more detailed information on English language proficiency requirements for university study.

Credit for prior study

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

Key dates

Bond University calendar

How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the online application form. To find out more about the application process please refer to how to apply.

The Business of Health and Innovation

Meet our Academics

Head of Program, Professor Sharon Mickan

I am bringing to this position experiences of working as a clinician, manager, executive and academic across different countries, health systems and universities. I have led system and educational improvements to facilitate clinicians to understand and use research evidence to inform and improve their practice.

Assistant Professor Kate Odgers-Jewell

My background includes working as a clinician, manager, clinical educator and placement coordinator across diverse health systems and patient groups​. I have over a decade of ​experience working as an academic ​and teaching across a number of disciplines in Australian universities. I am committed to high quality​, evidence-based teaching and learning, and have a strong interest in inter-professional practice and translating research into practice.

Together we are committed to providing access to inspirational learning opportunities within flexible pathways, helping students to navigate the research literature to update and inform their own practice and to build networks with healthcare leaders, researchers, and innovators.

We will guide them to critically evaluate their own health systems and practices, understand and implement improvements and lead evidence-informed innovations.

We need this program to better understand and manage spiraling healthcare costs, unexplained variations in healthcare practice and costs, integrate inconsistent technological advances, and efficiently use research to improve practice to meet patient’s expectations and demands. Ultimately, this course will enable students to prepare for significant career transitions.

Enquire about the Master of Healthcare Innovations