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Inherent requirements

What are inherent requirements?

From the moment you start studying, we want you to enjoy your time at Bond. Our inherent requirements reflect the essential knowledge, skills and experience required for our students to successfully complete a program.

Bond’s inherent requirements  

Our inherent requirements for all programs at Bond University include the ability to:

  • consistently participate in classes and actively engage in the analysis of complex, and at times, challenging materials, and in debate
  • work independently, or, when required, contribute constructively as a part of a group
  • engage with, analyse, and comprehend complex written English appropriate to the discipline and relevant interdisciplinary materials
  • clearly and independently communicate in written and verbal English
  • critically evaluate and apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary content via written and verbal English
  • achieve sufficient competence with digital technology to effectively engage with learning resources and the completion of assessment items
  • display behaviours conducive to effective participation in complex learning environments
  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills
  • demonstrate an understanding of, and sensitivity towards, the needs of others
  • complete assessment tasks independently, or in collaboration with others as part of a group
  • actively and safely participate in and complete, those clinical, laboratory, fieldwork and/or placement activities that are required by the relevant program
  • successfully participate in activities that reflect the multicultural Australian and global context which may include mixed genders, and religious and culturally diverse groups and environments in on-campus and off-campus settings
  • comply with Australian laws and University rules and policies, including the Code of Conduct for Students and relevant individual program Student Charters

Program Specific Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements - Medical Program

Inherent requirements - Occupational Therapy 

Inherent requirements - Doctor of Physiotherapy

Supporting you during your studies

Here at Bond University, we strongly support the right of all people to pursue studies. We do our best to embrace diversity, continually improving our mindset on inclusivity and endeavouring to accommodate all students wherever possible. Our inherent requirements are designed to support students in making informed choices in relation to their studies.

Speak to an expert

If you would like to talk to someone about your ability to meet these inherent requirements, please contact us. Our team are happy to discuss reasonable accommodations that might be available to help you meet these requirements. This will not change the nature of the inherent requirements or the program’s learning outcomes.

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