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What is Bondies Connect?

Bondies Connect is a social connectivity program that is perfect for a range of local and international students.  Whether you are new to Bond, you've just arrived from overseas (or interstate) or you are looking to make some new mates, by downloading the Vygo app you can instantly connect with a fellow student.

Finding your way around a new place can be really daunting so your fellow Bondies have answered the call and are standing by to connect with you.

By participating in the program, eligible students are also able to claim Beyond Bond points!

Keen to get started? We answer all your questions below! Plus, follow the step-by-step guide to connect with a Bondie today.

All the details

You can!  If you are a current Bond University student and are looking for some social support, this is the program for you. 

The beauty of Bondies Connect is that you and your mentor can chat about anything you like! It might be movies, books, restaurants, hobbies or even the occasional chat about your studies! We have found that a wonderful part of the mentee/mentor relationship is getting to know other cultures. 

You might be from Shenzhen in China (like Celine) and your amazing mentor might be from Sydney (just like Milan).  So it is a great opportunity to learn more about another part of the world and share your experiences.

Also, for some students it might be important that you learn Aussie slang so you are prepared for the work force. So your mentor can teach you all about saying g'day or what a barbie is!

Once you follow the steps below to create an account, you just need to select a mentor and send them a message. 

It can be as simple as saying 'Hello Lachie!  I am new to Bond and I can't find my way around campus yet.  Are you free to give me a tour?'.

Or you might say 'Hi Hannah, I just moved here from Canada and I would love to find a great place to eat some Aussie food.  What do you recommend? And also, why is it so hot here?  How do I get to the beach?!'.

Your mentor can then message you back and you can continue to send messages through the app.

You can also book in a virtual or an on-campus session within the app.  We recommend having a few of these sessions each semester so you can meet your new friend and start to build a friendship. You will get notifications each time you receive a message.



Yes!  Eligible students are able to claim Beyond Bond points when they participate in the program. You will need to provide evidence of your engagement and reflect on your experience. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Absolutely! The Vygo app is as easy to use as any other social media app that you might have on your phone. The app was originally developed by uni students, so they have made sure it runs like a dream.

It is as easy as following the simple steps below and you will be chatting with a fellow Bondie in no time!

How to get started

  1. Download the Vygo mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Or click here to use the web app.

  2. Login with University SSO and follow the sign-up prompts.

  3. Select Bondies Connect as your program and follow the prompts.

  4. You can now view all the mentors!  Read their profile, pick one that suits your needs and send them a message.

It is important to note that mentees must contact a mentor to start a conversation.  

Meet some of the Bondies Connect mentors