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Experience Bond University

Bond University opens its campus throughout the year to provide Year 11 and 12 students with the opportunity to experience what life is like at Bond - both inside and outside the classroom.

From exploring the body in virtual or augmented reality in our laboratories and learning how to trade on the stock exchange, to watching a live courtroom demonstration or building models in our new architecture building, students will experience an interactive and intimate look at the programs offered at the University.

Explore your future in a day at Bond University

What is included?

Guests will have access to Bond's learning facilities, including libraries, lecture halls, studios and labs, our staff, accommodation and dining facilities, and the expertise of our current students. Each Experience Day also includes the opportunity to get to know our University better through campus tours, interactive workshops in our classrooms, and face time with our world-class academics. 

All meals and refreshments will be provided on the day.

Choose your experience for 2022

Bond University Exercise and Sport Science program has developed a suite of packages targeted at high school level physical education students. These packages are aligned with the new Physical Education syllabus and allow students with an interest in high performance sport, technology and testing to learn from a highly experienced staff in the award winning High Performance Training Centre.

Schools and teachers can choose one, or a suite of packages (see brochure below) relevant to their current learning schedule and timing preferences. Packages range from 1.5hrs to 5hrs in duration. Bond University will provide a detailed workbook on the day, which allows students to record and measure outcomes, and where relevant, answer specific questions on the task and around the new PE Syllabus Unit objectives 3 and 4.

To enquire now, contact Sally Perry at [email protected]

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Climate change is expected to impact almost all aspects of human life. To address, and ultimately reverse, the wide-reaching effects of climate change, we need a new generation of energised, empowered and legally educated advocates.

This course is delivered via three online modules (approx. 6 hours) and an in-person workshop, extending on concepts covered in QCAA Legal Studies. It is an ideal extension program for students who are interested in learning more about climate change and how to make a positive impact.

Registration has closed.

Research and Statistics in Sciences (Psychology focus)

Across all Science fields, including Psychology, research and effective use of statistics is what helps us to make sense of the world, and in particular in Psychology – why we act the way we do as individuals and operative collectively as a society.

Scientists, including Psychologists, need to be trained in a range of data analytic techniques and research methods to quantify the phenomena they study. This course will introduce learners to the scientific methods of research including an overview of research design and techniques for analysing data and is delivered via six interactive online modules and an in-person two day workshop. Learners will gain practical experience in collecting and analysing data.

This offering extends on concepts covered across the QCAA Science subjects, in particular the summative internal assessments. It is also ideal for those looking to pursue future study in the Sciences field, with a focus placed on the Science of Psychology.

Registration deadline: Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022

Online modules begin: Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022

On-campus workshop: Friday & Saturday, 13 -14 May, 2022 from 9am - 3pm

Cost: $99


Climate change is expected to impact almost all aspects of human life. To address, and ultimately reverse, the wide-reaching effects of climate change, we need a new generation of energised, empowered and legally educated advocates.

This course is delivered via three online modules (approx. 6 hours) and an in-person workshop. Learn online and at your own pace about the science of climate change, major international climate change agreements, and the legal proceedings brought against governments and corporations that have failed to take action. Once you have completed the modules, join us on campus at our Brisbane location for a practical five-hour workshop where you will learn the skills to advocate persuasively for climate law reform.

This course builds on concepts covered in the QCAA Legal Studies syllabus, Units 3 and 4. It’s also an ideal development opportunity for any students who are interested in learning more about climate change and how to make a positive impact. No prior knowledge about climate change and the law is required.

This event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We will advise of the new date shortly.

Registration deadline: To be advised.

Online modules begin: To be advised

On-campus workshop: To be advised

Cost: $50


The entire history of international relations exists somewhere between the parameters of war and peace. Fundamental to both war and peace is the concept of power: the capacity of one actor to make another do something out of the ordinary. 

This course is delivered via three interactive online modules and an in-person, five-hour practical workshop. Learning at your own pace, you will discover the intertwined nature of power, war and peace, providing you with a foundational understanding of the modern international relations system.   

This course extends on concepts covered in the QCAA Modern History syllabus and is ideal for those passionate about global politics. No prior knowledge is required.  

Registration deadline: Wednesday, 18th May, 2022

Online modules begin: Monday, 23rd May, 2022

On-campus workshop: Saturday, 11th June, 2022 from 9am - 2pm

Cost: $50


Financial decision making is a core life skill, essential for a comfortable lifestyle. But with constant changes to the way people make purchases, an ever-increasing number of choices, the complexity of investment options, and the rise of sophisticated scams, financial decision making can be stressful.

This course is designed to provide you with basic tools and knowledge to assist you in navigating life financially. Through a range of interactive resources and activities, you will explore a number of topics and concepts, including savings and compounding, scams, superannuation, insurance, and investment options like shares, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

No prior knowledge is required.

Registration deadline: Saturday, 8th August, 2022

Online modules begins: Monday, 15th August, 2022

On-campus workshop: Saturday, 27th August 2022, from 9am - 2pm

Cost: $50

Registrations open soon. 

Have you got a business idea that will set the world on fire? Are you unsure of what career path you want to take, but know that you want to blaze your own trail? Well, get ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Ideas Camp is a hands-on, on-day business workshop designed exclusively for next gen corporate adventurers. Throughout this workshop, you will learn about elements of the entrepreneurial process, work in teams to develop skills relevant to the entrepreneurship and innovation sector, and explore the challenges start-up businesses are facing today. Join us as we bring together some successful young entrepreneurs and current Bondies to stir the embers of your business dreams. Come gather ‘round the campfire to hear how they got started, and their learnings from along the way. Fill up your backpack with ideas to plot your own course - because if they can do it, you can do it. 

Date: Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm

Registrations open soon.

As recent events clearly show, public health decisions have a huge impact on our daily lives, as well as on our economic and social institutions. To make sure decisions are made according to the most accurate and appropriate information, we need to implement evidence-based and data-driven procedures. In this unit, we will examine one specific instance of this, focusing on the issues associated with testing for the presence of a health condition (e.g. a viral infection or a medical disorder). In particular, we examine the effect of false negatives and false positives in medical screening.

This course is delivered via three 2-hour online modules introducing basic concepts of conditional probability and random distributions, and an in-person, five-hour workshop where you will be able to interactively investigate issues associated with medical screening.

Note that only a basic level of mathematics is required for this module. All calculations will be performed in Microsoft Excel.

Registration deadline: Monday, 22nd August, 2022

Online modules begin: Monday, 29th August, 2022

On-campus workshop: Saturday, 10th September 2022, from 9am - 2pm

Cost: $50

Registrations open soon.

For more information about any of the above workshops, please contact [email protected]