Explore your future in a day at Bond University

Bond University will open its campus throughout the year to provide Year 11 and 12 students with the opportunity to experience what life is like at Bond both inside and outside of the classroom.

From exploring the body in virtual or augmented reality in our laboratories, to learning how to trade on the stock exchange, to watching a live courtroom demonstration, to building models in our new architecture building, students will experience an interactive and intimate view into the programs offered at the University.

What is included?

Guests will have access to Bond's learning facilities, including libraries, lecture halls, studios and labs, our academic and senior staff, accommodation and dining facilities and our current students. Each experience day will also include the opportunity for you to interact with our academics, attend sample lectures, participate in interactive workshops, tour the campus and learn more about student life at the University.

All meals and refreshments will be provided on the day.

Choose your experience for 2019

Discover what your passion is through our array of Experience Days. Save the date for our 2019 Experience Days - registration information to come. 

If you have any queries about a specific Experience Day please email [email protected].

Be part of our Observe a Class program and discover first hand our small class sizes, highly personalised teaching and support, and a welcoming university community. 

Come and sit in on a class of your choice alongside current Bond students and see what university life is really like.

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What is it that makes a good person turn to crime? Find out what goes on inside a criminal mind and gain an insight into human society and criminal justice by taking part in our Criminology Experience Day!

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Do you love getting creative with words, graphics or ideas but not sure which career path is right for
you? Whether it is digital media,  journalism, social media, creative arts, advertising, public relations or film and television this Experience Day will allow you to explore your options!

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Are you in Year 12 and want to get a head start when it comes to getting into university? 

The Bond Business School Year 12 Extension Program is a two day workshop that assists you to transition to university. Our world class academics will focus on knowledge and skills that build upon senior school curriculum. 

Be part of the select group of students handpicked for the opportunity to receive an early offer into Bond Business School and the opportunity to be awarded a Year 12 Extension Program Scholarship.

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Do you have a passion for storytelling and filmmaking or considering a fast-paced career in
television? If you see yourself behind the camera, screenwriting, editing, assisting in sound and
production design or delving into cinematography, then our hands-on Film & TV Experience Day will
be perfect for you!

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Architects design for the present, with an understanding of the past, for a future which is unknown!
Discover the art and science behind architectural studies for a fearless career in design. Meet our
academic teaching staff, get hands-on, tour our state-of-the-art workshops and award-winning
Abedian School of Architecture at our Architecture Experience Day!

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A full Experience Day for students, parents and teachers to attend sessions, see the
latest facilities and talk to relevant academics and current students.

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Experience a simulated trading environment with real market data and discover the emerging world
of big data and the increasing impact it has on business, climatology, health, science, sport and

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Are you in year 11 or 12 and interested in a career in health or allied health areas?

Experience what it is like to manage the care of a real patient, from start to finish, with the Bond University Health Simulation Experience. The event will consist of consultations with clinical doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, biomedical and exercise scientists and other allied health professionals, in order for each group to work with individual patients and determine optimal courses of treatment!

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Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you, you? Find out more about the fascinating study of
the human mind and behaviour management at this Experience Day!

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Ever dreamed about what it’s like to be an Ambassador to the United Nations (UN)? Become a
delegate for a day while collaborating, building confidence, improving your communication skills and
having fun! This day is perfect for beginners.

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As our population grows, so must our cities! In the 21stcentury, it is vital that we learn how to adapt
to our ever-changing environment. Come along and learn about the design processes involved in
planning and developing a local urban space!

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A one day boot camp designed to inspire our future business leaders. We’ve brought together some
of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs to stir the embers of your business dreams. So
come gather ‘round the campfire to hear how they got started.

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We invite Year 10 and 11 students who want to experience Bond over the course of a day. Take part in simulated lectures and tutorials, enjoy interactive activities, meet our professors and current students, and get to know your way around our amazing campus.

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A full Experience Day for Year 11 and 12 students, parents and teachers to attend sessions, see the
latest facilities and talk to relevant academics and current students.

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Bond University Exercise and Sport Science program has
developed a suite of packages targeted at high school level
physical education students. These packages are aligned with
the new Physical Education syllabus and allow students with an
interest in high performance sport, technology and testing to
learn from a highly experienced staff in the award winning High
Performance Training Centre.

Schools and teachers can choose one, or a suite of packages
(see brochure below) relevant to their current learning schedule and timing
preferences. Packages range from 1.5hrs to 5hrs in duration.
Bond University will provide a detailed workbook on the day,
which allows students to record and measure outcomes, and
where relevant, answer specific questions on the task and
around the new PE Syllabus Unit objectives 3 and 4.

To enquire now, contact
Sally Perry at [email protected]

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