Your introduction to university life

Orientation is the perfect time to make new friends, find your way around campus and complete your enrolment at Bond. The Orientation experience features an exciting program of social activities where you can relax and meet people, and there are lots of information hotspots to help you get ready for university life.

Orientation Guide

Orientation is held both on and off campus with our events and seminars held at different venues.

Find out all you need to know at Orientation - download the Orientation Guide for September 2018.

Before you arrive

Get organised

Don't miss a beat! To make sure you're ready come Orientation, check out Your First Steps

As you prepare to depart for and travel to Bond, share your journey to campus with us - #BondBound2018. We'd love to be with you every step of the way!

Register for your Welcome Session and Orientation Exhibition

Students are required to register for their compulsory September 2018 Welcome Session. You can also register here to attend the Orientation Exhibition. 

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*Please note that if you are undertaking a combined degree across two faculties (i.e. Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Biomedical Science), you will not be required to attend both Welcome Sessions. Please choose the session that you feel will be more beneficial for your start at Bond.

Register for social events

Make sure you're up to speed with campus life by registering for September 2018 social events. These range from visits to local shopping centres, sporting events, trivia, parties, and more! 

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Register for postgraduate events

Register for our postgraduate specific only events for September 2018. 

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After you arrive

At Orientation, remember to:

  1. Return your Response to Offer and any outstanding documentation at Admissions Check.
  2. Get assistance with finalising your enrolment at the Enrolment Hotspot.
  3. Once you've enrolled in subjects, have your Student ID card issued.
  4. Make your way to Security to receive your parking permit.
  5. Attend your compulsory Welcome Session.
  6. Visit the Orientation Exhibition in the Princeton Room to view clubs and services available.
  7. Get connected with IT.
  8. Find your way around campus with a Bondy guided campus tour.
  9. Head to the library for a tour.
  10. Kick-start your social life by attending as many Orientation social events as possible.
  11. Sharing is caring! Tag #BondOrientation in your Orientation photos on Instagram or Twitter. Find us on social media.

Student Support

The personalised attention you receive in the classroom extends to every aspect of life at Bond. It starts from the moment you arrive on campus with Orientation Week’s full calendar of information sessions and social activities where you’ll have a chance to meet lots of other new students.

Once your classes get underway, you may also find some of our other Student Support services helpful.

Contacting home

Computers are available 24 hours a day if you need to email family and friends back home prior to being enrolled or activating your Bond University email account. You can activate your Bond University email account at Orientation. Email workstations and print facilities can be found adjacent to CL4 in the Arch Building (see the campus map in the Orientation guide for location details).