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How to access support at Bond University

If you have a diagnosed disability, learning difficulties, an ongoing mental or physical health condition or are the primary carer for a person with disability, you are eligible to apply for a Learning Access Plan.

The Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor will help students to gain access to reasonable adjustments and can provide advice to future students regarding support services.

If you identify as having a disability or condition that may impact on your ability to complete your study, contact us about the resources and supports available.

Process for accessing support

Our application process requires the completion of two forms including the Learning Access Plan application and the Health Practitioner Report

A summary of the process to access support is outlined below:  

  1. New student to disclose via admissions. Current student to advise lecturer, SASQ, faculty, SBC or Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor.
  2. Student to book appointment with Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor and attend consultation. Student to submit Learning Access Plan application and Health Practitioner Report.
  3. Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor to review Learning Access Plan application and consult with stakeholders (SASQ & ADLT) and the student.
  4. When approved, Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor completes a Learning Access Plan and communicates with student and stakeholders.
  5. The Learning Access Plan to be monitored and reviewed each semester.

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Students requiring reasonable adjustments and support should submit forms and documentation to the Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor as follows:

  • New Students: End of Week 3 of the Semester
  • Continuing Students: End of Week 2 of the Semester

Application forms

As outlined above, there are two key documents that students are required to submit when applying for support.

To view the Learning Access Plan application form and Health Practitioner Report, click the button below.


Implementing a Learning Access Plan

Approved students will be issued with a Learning Access Plan, which clearly states the formalised and pre-approved adjustments which have been allowed for the student. Students are responsible for communicating the approved reasonable adjustments by sharing their Learning Access Plan with academic and teaching staff at the beginning of every semester, or as proactively as possible, to ensure relevant staff have a clear understanding of student needs in order to support and implement the approved adjustments.

If your plan has been approved but you do not have a Learning Access Plan, please contact the Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor to be issued with this document.

Some adjustments related to specialised equipment and software will be organised during the application process, whilst academic adjustments will require timely communication with Academic and campus staff, which the Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor will facilitate.