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Bond University

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A deliberately different university experience

This isn’t your standard university experience. At Bond, you will embark upon a transformational journey to realise your potential – and stand out in your career.

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Expand your outlook

Study alongside a cohort of diverse, yet likeminded individuals from more than 90 countries. Wherever you travel, you’ll find Bondies all over the world. Connected for life, build a global network - starting right now.

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Opportunities for every Bondy

Every student has access to an abundance of experiences, opportunities and events designed to broaden perspectives and enrich career outcomes.

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Make an impact

From health and medical exploration to industry-led big data applications, Bond’s community of researchers are part of a global network using specialist knowledge to enact positive change.

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Lifelong connections

The memories you make and the connections you forge at Bond will stay with you forever. As a member of our close-knit cohort of ‘Bondies’, you will be forever changed by our transformational learning experience.

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