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Demo Day at Bond University

In the heart of Bond University, a transformative event known as Demo Day is on the must-go calendar of events each year. This annual gathering brings together some of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the business world, showcasing their innovative startup ideas to an audience of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals. But what exactly is Demo Day, and why is it more than another pitching event? Let's dive into the heart of this event and explore its significance in fostering innovation and positive change.

What is Demo Day

At its core, Transformer Demo Day demonstrates the extraordinary potential of entrepreneurial ideas. Whether these ideas revolve around groundbreaking products, innovative services, or solutions to pressing societal problems, they are all about shaping a better future. Transformer Demo Day is a platform for showcasing how these ideas can lead to real-world change and inspire innovation.

Transformer Demo Day is not your typical pitching event it celebrates entrepreneurship, innovation and transformation. It welcomes entrepreneurs from various stages, ranging from primary and high school students to up-and-coming Transformer students, seasoned alumni, early-stage venture capitalists, and recent business launches. This diversity reflects the event's commitment to inclusivity and the belief that innovation knows no age or experience boundaries.

Demo Day is not just a one-night spectacle but represents the culmination of a long and challenging entrepreneurial journey. Participants embark on a path that begins with the spark of an idea. They then delve into the intricacies of identifying their target market, creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and developing robust business models. The road is often paved with failures, lessons learned, and pivots.

2024 Demo Day headlines 

To be announced later in the year - if you are interested in pitching, please reach out to [email protected].

2023 Transformer Demo Day Pitch Headliners

Annie Rogers ~ Next Gen 2023 Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner - My Voice Bluetooth Speaker Necklace  

Annie a local Gold Coast High School student who was recently awarded the Next Gen Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner, powered by BOP Industries and sponsored by Transformer.  Having witnessed her non-verbal best friend’s frustration at not receiving eye contact when she communicated through her computer, Annie was determined to make a difference. She created ‘My Voice’ with the mission of engaging and fostering connections between non-verbal individuals and the world around them. ‘My Voice’ is a bluetooth speaker, cleverly designed to resemble a necklace. This necklace empowers users by allowing their voice to emanate from a speaker discreetly at their necks, instead of the computer in front of them. Annie’s vision is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and the simple act of making eye contact can go a long way in achieving this goal. ‘My Voice’ serves as a passionate advocate for inclusivity, support, equality, and accessibility, amplifying Annie’s dedication to making the world a more understanding and connected place for non-verbal individuals*.

Transformer Launchpad Finalist 

The Transformer Launchpad (TLP) competition was established in 2019. The purpose of this event is to support students with their idea, start up or business and enable them to take it to the next level. The competition aims to simulate a “real-world” experience and prepare the student/team for meetings with investors or industry partnerships. The idea can be a product, service or social impact venture.

The TLP is a competition that is conducted each semester, whereby students can apply, refine their business case and if selected, pitch to a panel of judges. During this process all students/teams will have access to mentoring and coaching. The winner will be awarded non-equity funding of $2000. The runner up will be awarded non-equity funding of $1000. 

The TLP is funded via generous donations received from the Bond alumni and community through the Bond Ambition Fund and distributions from the Bond University Endowment Fund. 

Seed Grant Fund Winner

Transformer students and alumni have significant potential and often require additional funding to commercialise their venture. Bond University's commitment to enhancing student support is evident in establishing a seed grant fund specifically tailored for promising businesses and innovative business concepts.

Bond University Transformer nurtures students and their business ideas by providing support through multi-disciplinary coaching, workshops, and valuable industry connections. The Transformer Seed Grant Fund aims to support student business ventures that show strong potential for success. 

Transformer Student

Transformer students have access to one-on-one coaching from industry leaders, academics and alumni, who coach students using the Lean Start-up Principles through our Idea to Launch Start-Up Program. 

Transformer program is offered as a fee-free, extracurricular option to undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines.

Based in a dedicated co-working space, Transformer brings together students from every area within the University. 

Business Model Generation students

The first of an innovative, two-subject sequence, Business Model Generation leads students through a systematic process to invent, design and implement new business models. 

At the end of the subject, students will be part of a team primed to take a specific business through its life cycle of launching through to shutting down in the next subject, Business Model Execution.

Bond Alumni

Bond University has over 30,000 alumni who are making a difference in our communities. 

Within the startup ecosystem, it's integral to the Transformer ethos to shine a spotlight on and support the remarkable endeavours of our Bondies. Our dedicated alumni are unwavering supporters of the Transformer Program and its students, driven by the commitment to give back. 

Transformer offers the opportunity to entrepreneurial alumni to share their entrepreneurial journey since completing their studies.


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