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Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare

Established in 2010 as the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CREBP), we transformed into the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare in 2019. The transition from Centre to Institute enabled us to provide advisory services informing provision of sustainable, evidence-based healthcare, and to facilitate research informed policy and practice. The transition has enabled us to increase our impact, partnerships, translational project opportunities, and develop new educational programs.

The Institute delivers world-class research, engagement and training that serves as a national and international resource for scholars, clinicians, system leaders, patients and families in the implementation of evidence-based clinical care. The effective integration of research into practice contributes to the health and healthcare of Australians, influences health policy, improves global health outcomes, and enhances Bond University as a leading private and independent University.

Our research addresses four big, neglected problems in healthcare: antibiotic resistance, overdiagnosis, waste in medical research, and neglected non-pharmaceutical treatment. Our focus in these areas assists health systems to provide care that is patient-centred and informed by evidence, and enables patients to make decisions that are congruent with their values, preferences and circumstances.

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  • We aim to improve healthcare by better understanding the causes of, and solutions to, gaps between research evidence and its application in practice.

    To achieve this we:

    • Undertake research that more closely aligns evidence and patient care,
    • Support and extend collaborations between clinicians and health researchers to achieve better value care,
    • Enable patients and families to make evidence-informed health decisions that are congruent with their values and preferences.
    • Lead and facilitate the teaching and learning of evidence-based practice,
    • Develop young researchers for research programs in sustainable health care.

    • Dr Eman Abukmail, PhD
    • Michelle Guppy, PhD
    • Sujeewa Palagama, PhD
    • Elaine Beller, PhD
    • Leila Cusack, PhD
    • Rebecca Sims, PhD
    • Christoph Schnelle, PhD
    • Rhonda Morton, PhD
    • Dominique Jones, PhD
    • Kwame Peprah Boaitey, PhD
    • Justin Clark, PhD
    • Hannah Greenwood, PhD
    • Ann Bryant, Masters of Science
    • Professor Paul Glasziou: Director Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University
    • Dr Peter Brooks: Centre for Health Policy - School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne
    • Professor Nick Zwar: Executive Dean Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University
    • Andrew Calder: Director Office of Research Services, Bond University
    • Dr Virginia Barbour: Director, Australasian Open Access Strategy Group, QUT
    • Catherine Marks: Vice President Engagement, Bond University
    • Greg Mullins: Head of Policy Research Australia
    • Ms Jessica Toleman, Director, Non-Admitted Reform Program, Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division (HPSP)
    • Assistant Professor¬†Chrissy¬†Erueti:¬†Institute Manager