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Master of Occupational Therapy prerequisites

To meet requirements for the Master of Occupational Therapy, you will need to have completed prerequisite subjects to the equivalent of: 

  • One (1) semester of anatomy
  • One (1) semester of physiology
  • Two (2) semesters of behavioural science

The subjects from Bond University that meet the requirements are as follows:

SubjectBond University equivalent
Human anatomyPrinciples of Human Structure and Function (BMED11-109) 
or Functional Anatomy (SPEX11-113)
Human physiologyHuman Control Systems (BMED11-112) 
or Human Organ Systems 1 (BMED11-110)
Behavioural scienceAny two (2) of the following:
Biological Psychology (PSYC12-214)
Cognitive Psychology (PSYC13-301)
Developmental Psychology (PSYC12-315)
Drugs and Behaviour (PSYC13-308)
Health Communication (HPER12-103)
Interventions with People Experiencing Difficulties (BVMT13-153)
Counselling Psychology (PSYC13-306)
Introduction to Forensic Psychology (PSYC13-339)
Foundations of Psychology, Biology and Personality (PSYC11-100)
Foundations of Psychology: Developmental, Learning and Social (PSYC11-101)
Love, Sex and Relationships (PSYC11-116)
Motivation and Emotion (PSYC13-316)
Personality, Assessment and Individual Differences (PSYC13-302)
Psychology at Work (PSYC12-211)
Sport, Health and Exercise Psychology (SPEX-11-104)
Behaviour Change to Enhance Health (SPEX13-334)
Psychopathology (PSYC13-312)
Social Psychology (PSYC12-325)
The Influence of Biology on Human Behaviour (BVMT11-109)
Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour (COUN13-102)

For human anatomy and human physiology study undertaken at other institutions please refer to the information provided on this page. If your subject/s are listed on this page, then you will not need to supply subject outlines with your application.

If your subject/s are not listed on this page, please first refer to the appropriate Bond University subject (above) to use as an example of the required content and learning outcomes. Then, you must submit your subject outline/s in the supporting documents section of your application.

Australian universities