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Academic Senate

Terms of reference

Academic Senate is constituted by Council, in accordance with the Constitution of Bond University Ltd.

As articulated in the Bond University Academic Governance Framework, Academic Senate plays a leading role in academic governance by serving as: 

  • the peak advisory body on matters relating to and affecting the University’s teaching, research and educational programs, including the development of related policies;
  • the oversight mechanism for monitoring and assuring academic standards and quality, and for identifying and mitigating risks associated with the University’s academic activities; 
  • a collegial body engaged in the planning, performance, compliance and innovation processes of the academic enterprise of the University; and 
  • a forum for promoting deliberation and information flow on a wide range of academic issues, including complex problems that concern academic policy. 

Academic Senate is the peak advisory body to the Vice Chancellor on academic functions and policies, and the principal forum for academic discussion and debate within Bond University. 


The composition of the Academic Senate is as follows:

Standing Committees

Academic Senate establishes committees to assist in fulfilling its responsibilities and governance obligations. The following Senate Standing Committees consist of academic and professional staff as well as student representatives. These committees have delegated responsibilities as outlined in their terms of reference to consider the detailed business of and make recommendations to Academic Senate:

  • University Research Committee
  • Student Admission & Progression Committee
  • Curriculum Review Committee
  • University Learning & Teaching Committee