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Student Club and Society Events

University just wouldn't be University without the hundreds of events held by student clubs each semester. We can't list them all but take our word for it, there are way too many to list. If you suffer fomo, join the social media pages of all your favourite clubs to keep up to date with what's happening on and off campus during semester.

Here are just a few....

It's ever-changing and always interesting, but here are just some of the long-standing events hosted by BUSA and the Faculty Student Associations which are steeped in the rich tradition of Bond. Here are just a few to tempt your taste buds. It's all part of being a Bondie!






Held at the very start of semester, Club Sign on Day is a festive gathering of student clubs, associations and corporate vendors, all partnering with the student association to showcase the abundance of social, cultural, sporting and educational opportunities to enhance your campus experience.

WHEN   | Every semester during Week 1 or 2

WHERE | Ornamental Lawns

TIME      | 12pm - 2pm

HOST    | Bond University Student Association













Held every Wednesday from week one to week twelve, this event is FREE to students (and really anyone who wishes to brave the queue). Steeped in Bond tradition, Wednesday by the Water is hosted by the Bond University Student Association (BUSA) and provides a delicious BBQ lunch during non-teaching hours. Come and grab a bite (vegan and vegetarian options available of course!) and sit in the beautiful sunshine of the amphitheatre or Ornamental Lawns. If it's raining, no problem! We move to Don's Tavern undercover pavilion.

As an added bonus, you will often see clubs and societies selling tickets, promoting events or even hosting the BBQ occasionally! All of our student cooks have undertaken and passed a Certificate in Safe Food Handling.

WHEN   | Every Wednesday from Week 1 

WHERE | Amphitheatre or Ornamental Lawns (Don's in wet weather)

TIME      | 12pm - 2pm

HOST     | Bond University Student Association











It's a culinary and visual feast! We celebrate our multi-national student club contingent by inviting them to share their culinary cultural creations with the student cohort. Get in quick because it goes fast! 

WHEN   | Week 8  

WHERE | Amphitheatre or Ornamental Lawns (we like to change it up sometimes)

TIME      | Lunch or dinner time (depending on the season)

HOST     | Bond University Student Association














BUSA rewards the dedication and hard work of student club executives with an awards evening just for them! All students vote on a multitude of award categories to nominate their favourite clubs to be in the running for the overall prize. It's exclusive, but if you are part of the campus club contingent and are adding to the student experience you may receive the coveted invitation to walk the red carpet....

WHEN   | Friday Week 12

WHERE | So exclusive, even we don't know

TIME      | 7.30pm - 10.30pm

HOST     | Bond University Student Association

















Orientation Parties

We like to welcome our new students and start the semester off with two parties at our local Don's Tavern. All Freshers are encouraged to come along and enjoy the company of students current and new. These are hosted by BUSA and held on the first Thursday and Saturday of semester before classes begin so the fun can be guilt-free! Don't forget to come in theme and prepare for anything! Browse the BUSA facebook page for photos of fun from semesters past.

Mid Sem Bash | End Sem Bash

Hosted by BUSA, these two parties are designed to blow off steam and relieve the study-stress.  Held in the middle and end of semester respectively, students are encouraged to come in the appropriate 'theme' for the evening, the more creative the better!!

FSA Parties (Faculty Student Associations)

Be prepared to party with all of the four main faculty associations when they compete to host the best 'FSA' party of the semester! Often their signature event, these parties challenge the norm and the organisers can get super-creative with theming and styling.  Normally held in the first four to six weeks of semester, the events can be at Don's or at off-campus venues. Know them by name,  because they are held every semester (so three times a year each!).

                                   PALAVER | Business Student Association

                                   THE PHYSICAL | Health Sciences & Medicine Student Association

                                   THE SOCIAL (aka Revival) | Society & Design Student Association

                                   THE SESSION| Law Student Association

..... watch this space! (All good things take time)