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Clubs and Societies

Keen to get involved at Bond? Well, you're in the right place! There are many student clubs, societies, and interest groups that fall under BUSA which will educate, engage and excite you and help you meet new people during your time as a student. As you will see below, the offerings span across the academic, cultural, religious, social, community, and political realms. If you are looking for sporting clubs, click here!

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs at Bond are those which cater to particular interests related to a particular field of study or career path for students. Academic clubs often operate under the purview of the Faculty and relevant Faculty Student Association (FSA). The full range of academic clubs available at Bond is listed below.

180 Degrees Consulting is a student consultancy that works with organisations to optimise their social impact through the development of innovative, sustainable and practical solutions. Teams of university students completing studies of all disciplines work with clients to identify and overcome specific challenges. Through this process, students are able to contribute to their communities, apply theory in a practical environment, and develop valuable skills. A broad range of consulting services is offered, including organisational planning and development, market research and analysis, and project review and realisation. 180DC has an international executive that oversees and supports the branches but each branch is self-sufficient and governed individually by its own team of directors.

Contact 180 Degrees Consulting through email or Facebook.

The ASA is the representative student body for both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying within the Bond University Abedian School of Architecture.

Contact the Abedian School of Architecture Student Association through email or Facebook.

Our mission is to facilitate the promotion of diverse Asian culture at Bond University by providing fellow Asian law students with a range of social and networking opportunities. We are proud of our ‘open to all’ policy that aims to encourage other students of different ethnic backgrounds and academic pursuits to attend and benefit from our events and learn more about the many diverse Asian cultures we represent. The ALSS committee endeavours to represent the social and academic interests of Asian students to the Faculty of Law and regularly pursues collaboration with the LSA, as well as other cultural clubs, to provide programs, events and experiences. Our committee is made up of intelligent, caring and dedicated individuals that not only seek to promote Asian culture, but also encourage opportunities for law students new to Bond University to meet new friends and build lasting friendships during the course of their study.

Contact the Asian Law Students' Society through email or Facebook.

Bond Actuarial Students' Society is a student-run organisation aimed at providing study assistance and resources, industry connections and experiences and a hub for relationship-building amongst those studying Actuarial Science and associated courses. We also help to share information about graduate outcomes and opportunities through events such as our Industry Insights event which is attended by representatives from RACQ, IAG, Allianz and Actuaries Institute Australia. We also help you to navigate the subjects and marks required for exemptions, certification and the Capstone/Honours program.

Contact Bond Actuarial Students' Society through email or Facebook.

Bond Investment Group is one of Australia’s pre-eminent student finance societies. Formed under the Bond University Business Students’ Association in early 2008, the Group has since evolved into a fully independent, student-run organisation that aims to improve the graduate outcomes of students interested in business and commerce at Bond University. We help to spread finance and investment news to students in an easily digestible format as well as host two annual events - the Women in Business Breakfast and Titans of Industry Forum - the former which focuses on female role models and change makers in the corporate space and the second which brings together some of Australia and the world's most successful, engaging and insightful minds on corporate governance, business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Contact Bond Investment Group through email or Facebook.

BBESA is a students’ association that aims to help current students to establish a network of professionals in the built environment industry. We hold numerous events to network and enhance personal and working skills. Our vision is to build bridges between students and industry for the clear and tangible benefit of both. We aim to assist students studying Sustainable Development, Environment & Planning, Construction, Project Management, and Architecture by developing relationships between students and industry. We help improve students’ understanding of industry needs, career prospects and networking skills and connect with industry professionals to mentor and further them. We link students across disciplines, and to connect current students with alumni, industry professionals and subsequently their companies.

Contact the Bond Built Environments Student Association through email or Facebook.

Bond University Critical Care Interest Group aims to deliver early exposure to students in the areas of anaesthetics, intensive care and emergency medicine. Critical care is a vital area of medicine and it is important that medical students are educated on what the opportunities are in this area and how to thrive as a junior doctor working in these fields. We achieve these goals by hosting networking events, speaker nights and clinical skills workshops.

Contact the Bond University Critical Care Interest Group through email or Facebook.

The Bond University Paediatrics Club aims to advocate for children’s health, to give students the opportunity to engage with children through interactive events, and to encourage interest in the paediatric field.

Contact the Bond University Paediatrics Club through email or Facebook.

The Bond University Physicians’ Society is a student-run educational society that advocates for the interests of medical students wanting to pursue a career in internal medicine. The society aims to provide students with opportunities to gain exposure to various different physician specialities. BUPS is affiliated with the Medical Students’ Society of Bond University (MSSBU).

Contact the Bond University Physicians' Society through email or Facebook.

We are a student group focused on providing opportunities for medical students interested in a psychiatry specialisation. We also enjoy helping generally to de-stigmatise mental illness amongst medical students, the profession and throughout the University.

Contact the Bond University Psychiatry Association through email or Facebook.

BUSHFIRE is about providing students from all health fields with rural exposure and Indigenous engagement through trips, rural high school visits, conferences and networking opportunities. It’s all about community engagement, getting immersed in all rural Queensland has to offer and learning clinical skills along the way. We run a unique trip annually for 2 medical students to visit the Solomon Islands for 10 days and work hands on alongside the doctors while enjoying the beautiful scenery! Additionally, we run on-campus clinical skills evenings in conjunction with other societies in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Contact the Bond University Society of Health for Indigenous and Rural Experience through email or Facebook.

The Bond University Surgical Society aims to enrich the surgical educational and career opportunities at Bond University. As a subsidiary of MSSBU, BUSS is an educational society that seeks to create and inspire new surgical leaders of the future through fostering and enriching the education and social environment of students enrolled in the MD and MBBS degree at Bond University through surgical teaching and experience. BUSS aims to safeguard and advance the interests of medical students as well as promoting and fostering the interests of the Medical School and Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond.

Contact the Bond University Surgical Society through email or Facebook.

The Bond University United Nations Students’ Association is one of the oldest clubs at Bond University. The association runs semesterly events focussed on the policies and values the United Nations upholds. We are most famous for running the Bond Model United Nations Conference, occurring every Semester, representing Bond at external MUN’s both within Australia and overseas, as well as the Do it in a Dress campaign occurring every October.

Contact the Bond University United Nations Student Association through email or Facebook.

For all the  Canadians studying law here at Bond, the CLSA is your voice on campus. Your friendly executive will advocate for your specific needs, interests and concerns to the LSA, Faculty and the University. You may be far from home, but the CLSA is here to make the transition as smooth as possible! The main function of the CLSA is to make life easier for Canadian students at Bond and to facilitate the process of returning home. We will provide information sessions on the National Committee of Accreditation process as well as information for Canadians wishing to stay in Australia. But it’s not all business! We show Australians how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Canada Day as well as host Homebound Seminars, the Lord Denning Dinner for our graduating students, mooting and arbitration competitions and more!

Contact the Canadian Law Students' Society through email or Facebook.

The General Practice Students Network (GPSN) is run alongside General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) and aims to provide resources to medical students interested in a career in General Practice. GPSN Bond represents a group of Bond University Medical Students who are committed to supporting Bond’s General Practitioners of tomorrow!

Contact the General Practitioners Student Network through email or Facebook.

MSSBU is a student body elected by medical students to support and advocate the interests of medical students. MSSBU is essential in the orientation and initiation of new students at the start of every May semester, as well as supporting continuing students in their pre-clinical and clinical phases. MSSBU’s goal is to ensure that all students have a platform to share knowledge and ideas, as well as raise concerns regarding academic and social aspects of the Bond Medical Program. MSSBU is involved in liaising between the students and the faculty, curriculum development and management, educational seminars, information evenings and academic events.MSSBU understands the challenges that students face and therefore aims to encourage a holistic approach to medicine via programs that address academic, financial, social and physical and mental health matters. The MSSBU is part of the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA), an organisation that represents all medical students at a national level. The MSSBU AMSA representative provides opportunities for Bond medical students to engage in conferences, workshops, educational and leadership projects run by AMSA both nationally and internationally.

Contact the Medicine Students' Society of Bond University through email or Facebook.

Cultural Clubs

BUSA is proud of our University’s rich diversity, which is driven by our First Nations students and the thousands of international students that we have on campus both as full-time students, exchange students and Study Abroad participants every year. If you’re looking to meet a group of people with a similar background or just to learn more about different cultures, consider joining a cultural club below.

BUHKSTA aims to promote of culture, language and history of the Cantonese and Taiwanese people to the Bond University community.

Contact the Bond University Hong Kong & Taiwan Student Association through email or Facebook.

BUIA aims to promote Indian culture at Bond University by hosting events which are not only interesting and fun but also hold cultural importance.

Contact the Bond University Indian Association through email or Facebook.

BULS welcomes everyone who is interested in all things Sri Lanka!

Contact the Bond University Lankan Society through email or Facebook.

Xin Chao! Hello and welcome. We are a society who aim to share the Vietnamese food and culture to all students.

Contact the Bond University Vietnamese Student Association through email or Facebook.

Religious Clubs

Although BUSA itself is a secular organisation, we recognise the rights of our students to create and gather in groups focused on an interest in a particular set of beliefs. If you follow or resonate with a particular religion, faith or set of beliefs, see below for a list of clubs that might interest you.

BCS is a non-denominational Christian group on campus at Bond University. Everyone is welcome. Come join us!

Contact Bond Christian Students through email or Facebook.

Bond University Muslim Students’ Association (BUMSA) aims to represent the interest of the Muslim community in the university. We encourage students to participate in social, cultural, spiritual, educational and recreational activities. We uphold non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, political beliefs, physical disability, age and financial status. We support and promote religious understanding amongst the community of the university.

Contact the Bond University Muslim Student Association through email or Facebook.

FOCUS is about creating a family, through fellowship in a Christian environment, and make it a fun place where we can share a common faith. We aim to bring together anyone who is interested, and all are welcome.

Contact the Fellowship of Christian University Students through email or Facebook.

Community Clubs

BUSA takes pride in the interest and commitment that students show to both the direct community of the University and also our communities on a local, national and international level. The clubs listed below strive to achieve their nominal cause with problem-solving, compassion and dedication.

Bond University’s Global Health Group aims to promote global health to all Bond students by providing students the opportunity to actively participate in making a tangible difference, in both the local and international community. Our Vision is to live in a world where health inequalities no longer exist. Our Mission is to empower students and the wider community by equipping them with the knowledge, experience and skills to provide sustainable change to health inequities.

Contact Making A Difference through email or Facebook.

The club holds events and initiatives to raise awareness, educate and include those with non-traditional sexual preferences and non-binary sexual orientations.

Contact the Bond Pride Alliance through email or Facebook.

BUCOG provides students with volunteer and fundraising opportunities for all Bond students., we host fundraising events, we work externally with charities and facilitate students wishing to volunteer. We also raise awareness on charities, organisations and issues within society pertaining to social justice and the community.

Contact the Bond University Community Outreach Group through email or Facebook.

Social Clubs

BASIC is a student group that holds a deep appreciation for a fun night with friends with the help of some social lubricant. We are not exclusive to beer-drinkers or social animals, anyone is welcome! Our events will pop up throughout the semester with the best and most popular being Frat Party. Come and along have a good time with Uncle BASIC!

Contact the Beer Appreciation and Social Intercourse Club through email or Facebook.

The Bond Dance Club strives to create fun experiences for people to enjoy dance! A variety of lessons are provided each week. The Bond Dance Club offers a diverse range of dance styles. The club promotes diversity, by encouraging students to contribute their own unique ideas to choreography. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive dance environment. It is also a fun and creative way to boost self-confidence and keep active. All Bond students are welcome to join the crew regardless of level of experience.

Contact the Bond Dance Club through email or Facebook.

Bond Music provides a unique opportunity for members of the Bond University community to gain access into an inclusive, integrative, well-rounded musical experience that will be consistently unique and culturally enriching.

Contact the Bond Music through email or Facebook.

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