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Clubs and Societies

Keen to get involved at Bond? Well, you're in the right place! There are many student clubs, societies, and interest groups that fall under BUSA which will educate, engage and excite you and help you meet new people during your time as a student. As you will see below, the offerings span across the academic, cultural, religious, social, community, and political realms. If you are looking for sporting clubs, click here!

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs at Bond are those which cater to particular interests related to a particular field of study or career path for students. Academic clubs often operate under the purview of the Faculty and relevant Faculty Student Association (FSA). The full range of academic clubs available at Bond is listed below.

Cultural Clubs

BUSA is proud of our University’s rich diversity, which is driven by our First Nations students and the thousands of international students that we have on campus both as full-time students, exchange students and Study Abroad participants every year. If you’re looking to meet a group of people with a similar background or just to learn more about different cultures, consider joining a cultural club below.

Religious Clubs

Although BUSA itself is a secular organisation, we recognise the rights of our students to create and gather in groups focused on an interest in a particular set of beliefs. If you follow or resonate with a particular religion, faith or set of beliefs, see below for a list of clubs that might interest you.

Community Clubs

BUSA takes pride in the interest and commitment that students show to both the direct community of the University and also our communities on a local, national and international level. The clubs listed below strive to achieve their nominal cause with problem-solving, compassion and dedication.

Apply to create your own interest group by clicking here!

Social Clubs