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BUSA Candidates

Executive Committee

For President

  • Saxon McGregor

For Treasurer

  • Connor Grigg

For Secretary

  • Ella Kirk

For Vice President Education

  • Stella Cole
  • Juliette Oliver
  • Katie Homes

For Vice President Recreation

  • Elijah Sargent
  • Shae Olsson-Jones

For Vice President Representation

  • Beau Roberts
  • Taylah Farr

For Vice President Sport

  • Cameron Dalton

For Vice President Communication

  • Ella Clear


Meet the candidates

  • For President

    Hi Bondies, I am Saxon McGregor – your presidential candidate for the 2023/24 Management Committee of the Bond University Student Association (BUSA). Currently studying Law and International Relations, BUSA Vice President (Representation), and a Resident Fellow, I have a comprehensive understanding of and appreciation for the collegiate experience at Bond University. With Secretary, Ella Kirk, and Treasurer, Connor Grigg, I am committed to being a strong and informed voice in Bond’s administration and fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus where transformative experiences in education, discovery, social connection, sport, and other pursuits can take place. In this spirit, we will implement greater opportunities for you to provide feedback on BUSA’s actions and investments, lead by example, create meaningful connections, and communicate with clarity, transparency, timeliness, and relevancy. Thank you in advance for your trust and endorsement, and I very much look forward to collaborating with you soon.

    Saxon McGregor -
  • For Treasurer

    G’day Bondies, I am Connor Grigg - I am your treasurer candidate for the 20023/24 Management Committee of the Bond University Student Association (BUSA). I am currently studying Law and Actuarial Science. Alongside President, Saxon McGregor, and Secretary, Ella Kirk, I am dedicated to being a strong voice and a diligent worker in my position as treasurer. I am dedicated to ensuring that we have the best possible experience during our shared time at Bond, seeking to foster an environment which is inclusive and allows everyone to feel heard and express themselves and their ideas. We aim to ensure that everyone can have life shaping experiences and friendships, whether through education, sports, social connection, or any of the other adventures or activities you choose to do whilst you are with us at Bond. We seek to give you a stronger voice alongside us, allowing more opportunities for you to give us feedback and suggestions. We also seek to Be transparent with our meeting and communicate with all of you clearly and openly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and the opportunity you have given us to serve you and I look forward to working with you. 

    Connor Grigg -
  • For Secretary

    Hey Bondies! My name is Ella Kirk, and I am running for Secretary of the 2023/2024 Management Committee of the Bond University Student Association (BUSA). I am a sixth semester Law and International Relations student, and pride myself on my commitment to campus life by way of extensive involvement in extra-curriculars and volunteering opportunities. Alongside presidential candidate, Saxon McGregor, and treasury candidate, Connor Grigg, I am committed to providing you with opportunities to have your say in the management of BUSA, and promoting a robust campus culture of camaraderie and Bond spirit! I believe fostering meaningful relationships between the student body and the BUSA Management Committee is of the utmost importance, and I will dedicate my term to increasing your access to the Committee and information regarding our operations. BUSA is ultimately a mechanism to provide students with a platform for action and change, and I promise to facilitate your wants and needs in the role of Secretary. I love a chat, so please feel free to come up to me and say hello! Thank you in advance for your trust and endorsement, and I very much look forward to collaborating with you soon.

    Ella Kirk -
  • For Vice President Education

    Hi Bondies! My name is Stella, and I am running to be your Vice-President of Education. I am currently in my third year, studying a Bachelor of Laws/Policy, Philosophy & Economics. As both a current member of BUSA and the BUSA Student Advocacy Sub-Committee, I have gained unique insight into the educational needs of students. In this capacity, it will be my mission to build on the hard work of the incumbent member, and explore new horizons.

    Specifically, I will look to revive ‘Bond Aid’– an outreach initiative facilitating opportunities for students to give back at home and abroad. Whilst reigniting our interest in philanthropy is certainly my passion project, I will also advocate for students’ needs and work to enhance our classroom experience. Further, I look forward to collaborating with the Education Pod to support them in rejuvenating the Postgraduate and International Student Associations. 

    In this role, I will actively seek out and address shortcomings in our University, champion creative solutions, and drive positive change. As your VP (Ed) I am committed to serving you in pursuit of building a better Bondy.

    Stella Cole -
  • For Vice President Education

    Hello Bondies! My name is Juliette, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Vice President Education. Education has the power to transform lives, and I am committed to ensuring that your academic journey at Bond is nothing short of exceptional!

    With a deep understanding of Bond's inner workings, I've previously served on the BUSA committee, which has given me invaluable insight into the committee's functions. This experience will enable me to hit the ground running, dedicating my full focus and energy to enhancing your educational experience!

    I've actively engaged with academic senates within our university. I've even had the privilege of being a panellist at a symposium hosted by Bond's Office of Learning and Teaching. These experiences have refined my skills and bolstered my commitment to educational excellence.

    I've taken the initiative to discuss my ideas and aspirations for this role with university staff, and I'm delighted to report that they have offered their wholehearted support. This collaborative effort is crucial in shaping the future of education at Bond.

    What sets me apart is my unwavering dedication to you, the students. I wholeheartedly believe that genuine care for your educational journey cannot be learned or feigned. It's a unique quality that I bring to the table, ensuring that your voices are heard, your concerns addressed, and your dreams realised.

    Juliette Oliver -
  • For Vice President Education

    Hey everyone! My name is Katie, and I am running for the Vice-President of Education for the 2023/2024 BUSA committee. I moved up to the Gold Coast this year from the mid-north coast of New South Wales; Coffs Harbour (yes, the place with the Big Banana). I am in my 3rd semester of a Bachelor of Laws and have spent literally every day on campus since January, so I am always around. Whilst at Uni everyone has to get an education, so why not make the most of it?! I want to help create an education everyone actually enjoys whilst at Uni by having activities and events that expand our knowledge. As Vice-President of education, I would also help the International Director with events where we can learn about the diverse cultures here at Bond. I would also help the Post-Graduate director to make sure the education for our Post-Graduate students is a memorable one. I’ll see you around!  

    Katie Homes -
  • For Vice President Recreation

    Hi! I’m Elijah Sargent, and I’m running for Vice-President of Recreation. I started at Bond in 231 after moving to the Goldy from Tassie. As a Taswegian, I’ve always believed two heads are better than one, which is why I am running in The Bean Pod with Morgan, Jess, and Charlotte. My time on campus is often spent “studying” in the MLC, chilling in a common room, or chatting about the latest album by The National to anyone who will listen. I recognise the importance of balancing work with fun to protect and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. There is so much more to Uni life than studying! Recreation should be a way to de-stress, meet new people, and grow inter-faculty friendships and relationships that elevate your student experience. Whether it’s a Thursday night Don’s sesh or any other recreational activity, I’m excited to see friendships form and fun be had. Cheers!


    Elijah Sargent -
  • For Vice President Recreation

    Hi! I am Shae Olsson-Jones, applying for the Vice-President Recreaction role for Busa and in my third semester studying Law and Communications. Initially, I am from Adelaide and moved to  Bond to experience and contribute to the fantastic student life culture. As a Blocks local, meeting all of the amazing people I have interacted with so far at Bond has been due to the Dons Parties, social sport and events. In my opinion, the Bond student experience should be a creative and social culture for all people to come together and create long-lasting memories with their mates, whether that be watching your mate get kicked out of a club or pulling an all-nighter in the bat labs. If elected in the Vice-President Recreation role, I would aim to endorse a positive culture by making all social aspects of student life enjoyable and easy-going so students can feel comfortable and love their time on campus. Please feel free to come and chat with me about anything at all. I love meeting new people and supporting you all to the best of my abilities.

    Shae Olsson-Jones -
  • For Vice President Representation

    Hi, I’m Beau! I know that in difficult times, academic or personal, you need to be understood. Navigating administrative processes can be difficult, and feeling excluded or disenfranchised by the status quo can make the university experience challenging.

    However, as a third-year law student, I have a passion for advocacy and representation. More than that though, my own experiences have left me with a deep passion for inclusion, equality and diversity. I know what it is like to be knocked down for your differences, so I also know the importance of having an advocate who is there to help you back up. With your endorsement, as Vice President of Representation, I want to serve you and help foster your own confidence in belonging to our community by becoming your supporter and advocate in academic and inclusion matters.

    Beau Roberts -
  • For Vice President Representation

    Hey there Bondies! My name is Taylah, and I am honoured to announce my candidacy for the esteemed role of Vice-President of Representation at Bond.

    My prior advocacy endeavours, both on and off-campus, have equipped me with the essential skills to effectively coordinate student advocacy services. Actively engaging with our policies has always been at the forefront of my mission, ensuring that every student is heard, understood, and represented.

    With a seat on the Full Executive, I will ensure the Representation Team’s interests are front and centre. I promise to provide unwavering support to students navigating academic, administrative, and disciplinary terrains and address issues hindering student success.

    In this role, I pledge to be a voice for the voiceless. I recognise that our academic journey isn't always smooth, and in times of challenge, it is imperative to have someone to turn to. I aim to be that reliable anchor, advocating fiercely for the future of every student’s education.

    My leadership will focus on diminishing barriers, ensuring every student has a holistic and inclusive experience. My vision extends to ensuring the student body’s welfare, and by working closely with the Inclusion and Wellness Director, my commitment to uplifting voices and celebrating our diverse student body will be maintained.

    What distinguishes me is not just my passion for advocacy, but my authentic care for you – the student.

    Together, let's welcome in an era of true representation.

    Taylah Farr -
  • For Vice President Sport

    As a committed and passionate athlete, I have dedicated countless years towards the sports I love, not only to become better as a player but also advance transferable and essential skills that encompass activities inside and outside sport. Whether I am watching, coaching, umpiring, or playing sport, I value and appreciate every minute spent doing something which has become an important and valuable part of my life. Through representing my state at nationals in numerous sports to participating in random sports to try something new, it is truly rewarding to be a part of something which develops such comradeship amongst individuals.

    The role of Vice-President Sport appeals immensely to my passions and interest in organising events related to sport, co-ordinating all types of sports for inclusivity amongst students and staff and engaging or encouraging all types of individuals to go outside of their comfort zone by trying something new. I believe it to be essential in this role that I am able to work efficiently and effectively with students and staff to better the Sport’s program at Bond. Furthermore, with my high profound passion for sport and prior experience of sport captaincy, my capacity to exercise the expectations of this role in the forthcoming term is, in my opinion, highly achievable.

    Cameron Dalton -
  • For Vice President Communications

    Hi Bondies! My name is Ella Clear, but some of you may know me as Ella DelNore. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be your VP Communications. Though I was born and raised in Colorado, I’ve loved the Gold Coast since I was a little girl and have been blessed to study here in High School and now University. I’m in my fourth semester of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation and plan to launch a mental health business for kids after I graduate. I believe that connection and communication are crucial to the beautiful community we have here at Bond! I’ve run social media platforms for various organizations over the past six years and now work for a globally recognized digital and social media marketing company. I would be honoured to use the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences to help promote connection and keep you all up to date with all the amazing events and opportunities Bond has to offer. I hope to create eye-catching content for BUSA’s social media platforms that is both informative and easily accessible. As VP Communications, I plan to promote a supportive environment and prioritize connection between the Association and Bond's community! 

    Ella Clear -
  • For International Director

    Hiya, my name is Lily, and I'm ecstatic to be given this chance to introduce myself to you as a candidate for BUSA as your International Director. Originally from Canada, I've been living on the Gold Coast since 2022. I am currently in my third semester of my double bachelor's in commerce and business. Through my personal education, I have experienced three different types of education: Canada for acquiring my diploma, Spain for an exchange, and Australia for my bachelor's. Based on this, I believe that experiencing and learning various ways of life through each other bridges us together. As your international director, I will aim to make life at Bond University for international students as easy as possible regarding things such as dealing with specific issues and concerns or aiding and supporting international students. When it comes to assisting a wide variety of students, I want to become someone you can trust away from home and feel confident sharing personal experiences about culture, beliefs, and differences growing up. Through my experience, Bond University has a fantastic international system, and I want to do everything in my power to keep making it better. 

    Lily Petit -
  • For International Director

    Hey Guys! My name is Rudra Gosalia but around campus, I go by Rudy! I'm born and raised in Bombay, India. I went to an Aussie school with the name of Billabong High, so I was bound to be a true blue Aussie! I've been here since 223 and have thoroughly enjoyed my past year in this country.  I love being around campus and meeting everyone around. I usually have my headphones on but I absolutely love having conversations with you beautiful people. I basically live at the gym so if anyone does in fact run into me, feel free to say hello! I know how daunting it is to leave our home country and travel across the world in order to pursue our education, so please approach me if there is any sort of discomfort, I am here to help everyone out! 

    Rudra Gosalia -
  • Post Graduate Director

    I'm a big fan of the beach and real chocolate. I grew up in Canada but did not eat much chocolate because I am cursed with soft teeth. Last summer, I went to my sister's wedding in Mexico and this inspired me to study law at bond (beaches and lawyers). My plan is to combine law with my software background to start an even sweeter career path. I chose to run for Postgraduate Director because meeting the other postgraduates at bond has been a real treat and I want to support them. Just like how a few strange people prefer white chocolate, I oddly like planning events and talking to strangers. I also promise I won't fudge things up because I am heavily invested in student life (sports, clubs, competitions). Cheers!

    Samuel Scargell -
  • For Social Director

    Hey, fellow Bondies! I am Jess Zanchetta, applying for Social Director of BUSA for the 2023/24 period. I am running alongside Elijah, Charlotte, and Morgan as part of The Bean Pod. I came fresh to Bond in 231 and instantly fell in love with Thirsty Thursdays at Don’s. I truly believe in investing in a night out with your friends, even just a quick beer and pizza at Don’s after a heavy day, to enjoy the never-ending party that we call Uni life.

    Being a born and bred Gold Coaster, I can confidently say I know how to work hard and party harder. Personally, getting involved in the social life at Bond has opened me up to so many unique connections and friendships that I will never forget. Getting amongst it now and making new friends will make for some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. And PS: a little party helps when the study gets too much.

    But remember, Bondies, the work/life balance is key, and I will be here to ensure that even in the tough weeks, we won’t stop the party.

    Jessica Zanchetta -
  • For Social Director

    Hey Bondies! My name is Kenina Murtagh, and I am applying for BUSA’s Social Director for 2023/24. I am currently in my first year studying a double degree of Law and International Relations. You’ve probably seen me around campus meeting new people, if not you’ve probably heard my loud voice from a far, but I think it’s important to note 3 things about me:

    1. I love a good Thursday night out with friends at Don’s then going straight to work at 5am on Friday.

    2. I love grabbing my free lunch at WBTW so I can save more money to go out.

    3. I live off campus, but you will always find me on campus meeting new people or in the MLC at 2am between week 8 - 12.

    I hope to enhance the student experience, throw some of the best parties in your time at Bond and overall provide events for Bondies to make greater connections and just have a good time. So, if you ever see me around campus or hear a loud voice, come and say hi and I can’t wait to see you all out soon!

    Kenina Murtagh -
  • For Clubs and Societies Director

    Hey guys! My name is Magdalena, although you probably know me as Maggie. 

    I currently study a Bachelor of Film & TV. I’m from Argentina and have been at Bond since sem 223, so I have a general idea of how Bondies enjoy the culture. I want to be able to contribute to the association by working directly with all the university clubs and societies that fall under BUSA. I have been here enough time, and have had first hand experiences with clubs’ organisation and management process, which allows me to assist and expand the variety of options the student body has to offer. 

    I would love to assist and represent all clubs and societies for the next BUSA term, as I know that with effective management, we can make our culture even better. I’m excited to work with everyone to get the best out of our uni experience :)

    Magdalena Brigone -
  • For Clubs and Societies Director

    Hey Bondies! My name is Charlotte and I am applying to be BUSA’s Clubs and Societies Director as a part of The Bean Pod. I am in my third semester of the Bachelor of Laws here at Bond and have enjoyed every minute of it. Part of what makes Bond University so unique is the strong sense of community amongst students, particularly in the large amount of clubs and societies on campus. Joining many groups on campus such as dance, volleyball, and environmental club, has truly shown me how supportive and welcoming the Bond community is. As a candidate for Clubs and Societies Director, I would ensure the smooth running of clubs on campus, and the creation of new ones, in order to keep up the high level of spirit and connection across campus. My fellow members of the Bean Pod are Morgan Roberts, Elijah Sargent, and Jess Zanchetta.

    Charlotte Hoey -
  • For Clubs and Finance Liaison

    Hey everyone, my name is Jordi and I’m running for Clubs and Finance Liaison for BUSA. I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce and started at Bond in Semester 231. I work as an accountant, and plan on using the knowledge I have gained in my position to help me with all my duties especially related to the budgeting aspects. I am deeply interested in ensuring that all clubs are given a fair go and adequate funding to allow them to grow and give back to the community. I hope to be able to explore new and exciting ways to help our wonderful clubs grow and become contributors to our society we have here at bond. I plan to ensure that all the clubs at bond are well looked after and are treated fairly. I am not always out and about but I am always around somewhere, whether it be cooped up in my room playing video games or studying in the MLC. Please vote for me so we can make sure that Bond’s clubs are well looked after for the future.

    Jordi Ahyick -
  • For Clubs and Finance Liaison

    Hey Bondies, my name is Morgan and I'm applying for BUSA's Clubs and Finance Liaison as part of The Bean Pod.  

    I came to Bond in 231 and choosing to live on campus has been one of the best decisions I have made. I never run out of things to do, and every club I’ve visited has been a friendly and positive experience. As I now live at the Foresters, I am more eager than ever to escape my room and experience what the uni has to offer.  

    My primary focus as Clubs and Finance Liaison would be you, the students, ensuring that Bond’s superb student experience is upheld though the effective oversight of the clubs on campus. As the current VP of the Bond Volleyball Club, I have a good understanding of how clubs operate on campus and will try my absolute best to implement all feedback.  

    My fellow beans are Elijah, Charlotte and Jess.  

    Morgan Roberts -
  • BUSA Arts Director

    Ma-Janneh Miller (MJ) is a law and international relations student. When she is not studying, she is probably painting or making plays. LaBoite and ATYP Theatre have produced her work. As Arts Director, she hopes to galvanise the arts at Bond, creating a vibrant space for all students to express themselves.

    Ma-Janneh Miller -
  • For Wellness Director

    Hi Bondies! I'm Charlotte Drynan, and I'm running for the BUSA Wellness Director 2023/2024. I'm in my first year at Bond, having started in 231, and I'm studying Bachelor Business/International Relations. I believe wellbeing is a holistic field, that must consider physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, and social aspects, and within this I have a passion and focus on student-student relationships, creating a sense of belonging, and mental health awareness and support. Wellbeing has been a passion of mine for many years, whether it was coming up with creative ways to do so during lockdown, or creating wellness structures in my school boarding house, and sporting teams. The BUSA Wellness Director position would allow me to further the fostering and celebration of the Bond student connections through existing structures, such as wellbeing week. However, I am also excited for the potential for exploring new initiatives to continue the Bond wellbeing support into other areas of Bondy's livelihood. I thoroughly enjoy and always push myself to aim for innovative action toward goals, and I am truly so excited for the prospect of this role. I'm a local at the Blocks, and you can always find me wandering somewhere around campus at all hours of the day, so if you see me, please come up for a chat!

    Charlotte Drynan -
  • For Wellness Director

    Hey Bondies! I'm Ashleigh, a candidate for Wellness Director on the BUSA 2023/2024 Committee, and I am passionate about, and dedicated to, providing meaningful and accessible wellness practices to our Bond community. By approaching wellness holistically, I aim to create and develop strategies that encompass each aspect of well-being, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or social, and respond to the community's advice or concerns. In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, I envision wellness initiatives that are adaptable and responsive to the needs of students, whilst at university and beyond. If successful, I aim to bring my creativity, passion and approachability to the role of Wellness director, to ensure an inclusive, encouraging and innovative environment for Bondies to learn about and develop positive wellness practices.

    Ashleigh Edgar -
  • For Wellness Director

    Hi Bondies, I’m Angie Balk, and I am nominating for the role of Wellness Director for the 2023/24 BUSA committee. I’m currently in my third semester studying a double degree in Law and Business. I am a Gold Coast local and love going to the beach or having fun at a Thursday night Dons sesh. I believe student wellness at Bond is a top priority that includes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. As your Wellness Director, I ensure to promote wellness practices and a culture of care amongst the student community. As Bond is structured on fast-tracked degrees one of my aims is to encourage a good work-life balance. I also would like to enact new initiatives to increase awareness of environmental issues and ways to help resolve them. I am passionate about environmental protection and helping others. Due to this, I wish to specialise in Climate Law during my degree and aim to go into this profession in the future. In this role, I hope to make sure you all have the best possible experience with the time you have here at Bond.

    Angela Balk -
  • For Sporting Clubs and Events Director

    Hi all, my name is Lloyd, and I am the candidate running for the Sporting Clubs and Events Director for the upcoming term. I am a Film and TV student who has a passion for sport.

    With this role, I would help the sports clubs organise all major events, hoping to facilitate the communication between staff and students.

    I would also facilitate the organisation of all major sporting events, such as State of Origin, Melbourne Cup, etc. I would love to promote a good sporting culture around campus and for everyone to be involved.

    Keen to see how sports will develop in the next year!

    Lloyd Carver-Kriege -
  • For Publications Director

    : I am studying a Bachelors of Law, and started here at Bond in 221. Although I'm originally from Tassie, Gold Coast has had quite an unshakeable effect on me (specifically the sun). Prior to law I was hugely interested in a degree of Journalism, as I love the idea of telling stories, but eventually after watching Legally Blonde, law turned me over. I love celebrating my friends and their achievements as well as fellow students, and I feel as though this position gives me the platform to be able to acknowledge all the students who represent Bond. My role in BUSA as the Publications Director would be to continue to share stories through BUSA’s student Publication BOUND and the weekly newsletter. With this position I hope to exhibit all the bondies accomplishments, to the best of my abilities.

    Rachael Odwogo -
  • For External Outreach Director

    I am studying a Bachelor of Laws and started here at bond in 221. I’m originally from northern New South Wales but moved to the sunny gold coast for high school. I’m a very positive and happy person, who is always down for a chat. I am a passionate and motivated law student and love networking with new people. In my free time I love spending time at the beach and shopping with friends. I am excited to be given the chance to begin a role as the external outreach director, as I love organising and ensuring people are have an amazing time. I am looking forward to facilitating a positive relationship between Bond and many local businesses. My focus for the year ahead is to enhance campus life and facilitate amazing events and parties. Within this role I will endeavour to ensure my fellow Bondies have the best experience possible.

    Victoria Hansen -
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