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Take your degree for a test drive

There are countless reasons to pursue postgraduate study. You may want to gear up for that next promotion, or prepare for bigger projects at work. Perhaps you’re motivated by a desire to upskill or shift your career path. Or, maybe you just want to continue growing your knowledge base.  

Our Postgraduate Test Drive experiences provide unrivalled insight into what's to gain from commencing a postgraduate degree at Bond - in just one hour. 

Register for a Test Drive virtually, or in person at our Gold Coast campus or new Brisbane teaching location. 

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Test drive experiences

Join us for a curated experience that answers all your questions about postgraduate study, and connects you with the people and mentors you'll meet throughout your degree. 

It's is entirely tailored to you – you’re in the driver’s seat. Here are a few recommended activities for your Postgraduate Test Drive.  

Meet an academic

Meet an academic

Speak with someone who can equip
you with the knowledge you need to
confidently begin further study –
one of our world-class academics.

Find the perfect fit

Find the perfect fit

Explore our wide variety of study areas
and postgraduate degrees, and emerge with confidence, knowing that your next step is the right one.

Discover our facilities

Focus on student success

Take a tour of Bond’s innovative
facilities, from our libraries and study
spaces, to specialised learning areas
pertinent to your faculty.

Learn about postgrad at Bond

Learn about postgrad at Bond

Discover how we accelerate your industry readiness, and explore other facets of postgrad life, such as social events and our award-winning student experience.


Book a Test Drive

If you’re able to join us on campus, we look forward to welcoming you and giving you a personal look at Bond University. You’ll be able to meet our academics and staff in person, explore our facilities with a knowledgeable guide, and learn more about the aspects of student life that interest you. 

  • Start the day by arriving on campus and meeting your Regional Manager. Don't forget to register your car's numberplate so you can park in one of our free parking spaces. 
  • Catch up with an academic or program director for coffee and a chat.  
  • Visit some key study spaces and facilities, including our libraries and the Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC). 
  • Head over to our Academic Skills Centre and Student Business Centre, and discover the key support services on offer throughout your degree. 
  • Chat with knowledgeable staff from our Career Development Centre about all things employability, career support, and postgraduate outcomes. 
  • Finally, explore our campus in-depth and see more areas relevant to your program or faculty of choice.  

Our Postgraduate Test Drive experiences are accessible from anywhere in the world. Join us via Zoom to meet key academics and staff, explore our campus and facilities virtually, and to have all of your questions answered.  

  • Start your Test Drive experience by meeting your Regional Manager via Zoom.  
  • Catch up with an academic from your study area and ask them any questions you may have about Bond’s postgraduate programs.  
  • Chat with staff from our Career Development Centre about all things employability, career support and postgraduate outcomes.  
  • Learn about all of the support options provided by our Academic Skills Centre and Student Business Centre. 
  • Explore our libraries virtually, and find out how your faculty librarian can assist you during your studies.  

I want to Test Drive...

  • Master of Architecture

    Learn from internationally recognised industry professionals in the award-winning Abedian School of Architecture’s collaborative studio environment, while experiencing the lowest staff-to-student ratio in Australia for personalised mentorship and accelerated future accreditation.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery

    Stand out in industry with a qualification that has been designed to prepare you to serve the immediate and long-term needs of government and industry. Keep up with constantly developing infrastructure and construction projects designed to benefit the community.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Building Surveying

    Learn from our world-class academics and experienced practitioners in Australia’s first 6-star green rated, environmentally friendly building. Graduate with a professionally recognised qualification ahead of the rest with Bond’s accelerated degrees.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of City Planning

    Design the cities of the future in this rich and practical program. The Master of City Planning equips students for rewarding professional work in private consultancies and the public sector both in Australia and overseas.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Construction Practice

    Equip yourself with the required knowledge and skills to take on the rapidly growing construction industry with the Master of Construction Practice. This program empowers graduates to deliver complex construction projects across a range of scenarios. Students will graduate with a professionally recognised qualification.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Project Innovation

    Keep up with the evolving world of project management by approaching study from an innovative, cross-disciplinary perspective. The Master of Project Innovation is designed to not only build graduates' professional knowledge, but to give them the skills and agility to work across a variety of changing industries.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Project Management

    Grow your career with a qualification that is in high demand. Nationally and internationally accredited by leading industry bodies, our degree will equip you with transferable knowledge and skills in communications, leadership, negotiation, team management, time management and risk management for executive application in any industry.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning

    Influence cities of tomorrow and further your career potential. Delve into a Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning to undertake field work while learning from industry professionals and gaining in demand qualifications.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Valuation and Property Development

    Stand out in Australia’s largest industry by gaining a qualification professionally recognised by Australia’s leading industry bodies. See for yourself how Bond’s Master of Valuation and Property Development ensures graduates are ready to tackle the complex property and valuer markets!

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Accounting

    Gain a professional accounting qualification and Bloomberg certification while you study. Professionally accredited by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA), the Master of Accounting builds knowledge and skills as well as industry understanding. 

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Business

    Lay a strong business foundation and gain vital industry connections so you can progress in your career, upskill or change industries. 

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Developed using the pillars of innovation, data analytics and business transformation, and with a focus on evidence-based decision making, Bond’s MBA will provide you with key functional knowledge, focused expertise, and greater flexibility while you study.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Business Data Analytics

    Learn the technical skills, including R and Python languages used in data programming, as well as the practical application based on actual business problems in a range of industry sectors such as health, marketing and finance.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Finance

    A ‘must have’ for specialist finance roles, the Master of Finance is a quantitatively rigorous program that will give you a strong understanding of financial principles and their application to corporate financial policy. Gain a Bloomberg certification while you study on our 40 terminals.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Financial Management

    Acquire the leadership skills to manage a finance team, gaining knowledge from both specialists and general subjects. This program is designed for financial managers and professionals to enhance their knowledge base and learn critical decision-making skills. 

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Management

    Internationally accredited, a Master of Management will provide you with the strong business foundation required to lead change and expansion in an organisation, along with the vital industry connections that can enhance your employment possibilities upon graduation.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Sport Management

    The Master of Sport Management focuses in managing high-performance sport, business strategy, strategic sports marketing, event and facilities management, finance, law, governance and organisation leadership. Gain real-world experience with work experience at Australia's most renowned sporting companies while you study.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Communication

    Take control of your professional narrative! Whether your goal is career progression, research or academia, this master's degree is the perfect qualification to help you stand out in a digital economy. Be personally mentored by leaders in the field, who champion research in social and consumer contexts.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Healthcare Innovations

    The Master of Healthcare Innovations is a postgraduate qualification designed for professionals seeking their next challenge in healthcare. Graduates will be able to shape and refine ways in which they lead and innovate through developing or improving products, processes and/or redesigning services.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice

    The Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice is the highest-level Nutrition and Dietetic Practice master's degree in Australia, and includes an exceptional research internship program and a focus on global nutrition citizenship - all the while allowing you to complete practical internships in traditional areas of practice such as clinical dietetics.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Occupational Therapy

    Bond University’s Master of Occupational Therapy is renowned for its unique blend of case-based learning, practical application and over 1000 hours of clinical practice experience. Completed in just two years full time, the Master of Occupational Therapy offers both a Research and Business stream to give you ultimate flexibility and ownership over your future career.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Arts (Coursework)

    The Master of Arts (Coursework) allows graduates to tailor their studies to specialisations of interest. Graduates can choose from an array of disciplines, from Criminology, to International Relations and Communication. This flexible approach ensures graduates enhance their knowledge and specific skill set in an area of interest.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Arts (TESOL)

    Benefit from the fully accredited ELICOS language centre on campus, that provides our TESOL students with placement and practical skills to teach English as a Second Language anywhere in the world.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of International Relations

    Undertake your master's degree through a technology enhanced, simulation-based learning environment in small class sizes. Be exposed to an array of cultural, diplomatic and political experiences and graduate in just 1 year.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Online)

    The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Online) is an approved professional legal training (PLT) program required for Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor graduates who wish to qualify for admission as practising lawyers.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Juris Doctor

    Competitively priced, the Juris Doctor provides students with a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the academic development and skills of students preparing them for the practice of law.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Laws

    A Master of Laws degree gives qualified Australian and international legal practitioners an opportunity to specialise and gain in-depth legal knowledge in a particular area of the law.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Laws in Commercial Law

    The Master of Laws in Commercial Law is suitable for Australian law graduates who wish to develop more specialised knowledge in the area of commercial law. Postgraduate programs such as this will also benefit legal practitioners applying for senior and partnership level positions.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance

    The Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance is available to both law and non-law graduates. The program is designed for current directors and officers as well those seeking board positions.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Laws in Family Dispute Resolution

    The Master of Laws in Family Dispute Resolution, suitable to both law and non-law graduates, focuses on family law, family dispute resolution, family separation and the impact of separation and divorce on families in addition to the post-separation of parenting and property disputes.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Laws in International Commercial Law (Online)

    Bond University Faculty of Law has assembled a team of academics to facilitate a fully-online Master of Laws program which takes Bond Law’s global focus to a whole new level. The Master of Laws in International Commercial Law is a postgraduate program designed for legal professionals from different cultural and legal backgrounds, who aim for a high-level career in an international law firm, multinational company or government.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Legal Administration

    The Master of Legal Administration (MLA) offers students with a non-law degree the opportunity to attain postgraduate qualifications in law. Students may complete a generalist degree or elect to specialise in a particular area of law, combined with up to four postgraduate subjects from other disciplines.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

  • Master of Criminology

    Be mentored by highly skilled professors with extensive knowledge in industry through case-work, and academia through research – Undertake your research topic with confidence under dedicated supervision for a future career in criminology.

    Book your Test Drive Learn more

Bond also offers a range of other postgraduate options, including graduate certificates and graduate diplomas. Learn more about what's on offer by browsing our list of programs or making an enquiry. 

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It's all about you

Bond’s accelerated study mode, combined with the flexibility of our cross-faculty subject offerings, means you can tailor your studies to suit your unique career goals or help you stand out with postgraduate qualifications.

We also offer the option of part-time study with a reduced subject load, as well as after hours and intensive mode subjects in many programs.

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Bond isn't like other universities

Group of students and teacher at desk

We offer three semesters per year

We run three full semesters a year, with intakes in January, May and September. This means you can start when you’re ready and finish your degree sooner. Studying full time, you can complete most 12-subject master’s programs in a year.

Your teachers are also your mentors

Our programs are developed and delivered by experienced business directors, executives, senior managers, entrepreneurs and academics who regularly consult to industry. You will learn in smaller class sizes that allow for dynamic discussion-based lectures and tutorials, with unprecedented one-on-one access to your professors – so you can be sure they’ll know you by name.

Man sitting at desk in front of Google sign

Grow a global network

You will build professional relationships in and out of the classroom, with students from all over the world. It means your classmates aren’t just your peers – they’re your future network – and these industry relationships will continue well beyond graduation.