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Year after year, hundreds of students come to the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia for the sandy white beaches, the active lifestyle, and the high standard of Australian international education. Bond University has so much to offer students through our cohesive university community, beautiful architecture and facilities, world leading academics, and broad social agenda throughout the semester.

Studying abroad is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s an opportunity to expand your educational horizons and enhance your qualifications with an international perspective. It will connect you to a global network of new friends and future business associates; most of all you have the chance to have the time of your life, as you grow personally and learn more about a new culture in a safe environment.

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Bond University has been listed in the prestigious global top 20 universities in the Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings of the Best Small Universities in the World, in addition to being ranked #1 in Australia for student experience. Learn more about Bond's rankings and ratings.

At Bond University, visiting study abroad students have a broad choice of subjects for consideration offered through each of our four faculties. Find out more about your study load and timetable including the grading scale to compare grading equivalents with Australia.

Before leaving home, it's important to consider the financial costs and expenses of travelling, living and studying abroad. Find out more information on the cost of studying abroad, including estimated living expenses and establishment costs.

Bond University offers accommodation for students from across Australia and all around the world. We offer a range of accommodation options, including a dining plan that makes it easy to live and study on the Gold Coast. Find out more information about living on campus as well as our off campus options.


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Applying to study abroad

Before you get started, establish if you're a Study Abroad or Inbound Exchange student. Find out what's the difference:

Study abroad student

You are a study abroad student if your home institution does not have a formal exchange partner agreement with Bond University or the partnership has met the number of yearly fee-waived exchange places.

Study abroad students often come to Bond through a formal agent or apply direct and pay their fees to Bond.

Inbound exchange student

You are an inbound exchange student if your home institution has a formal exchange partner agreement with Bond University and you have been nominated by your university to study here.

Exchange students come to Bond by applying to their home university exchange program and continue to pay fees to their home institution. Students coming to Bond on a formal exchange do not pay tuition fees to Bond University.

Please read the information below carefully as the first stage of the application process for inbound exchange and study abroad varies slightly.

Study abroad students

Apply directly to Bond University using the online application, through a Study Abroad Representative in your home country, or through your home university when applicable. Please ensure to submit all required documents as requested on the form.

Please check with the International Office at your home university to make sure you meet any additional requirements.

Inbound exchange students

Seek approval from your home institution and apply using their Outbound Exchange Student application process. Your university will contact Bond to nominate you to study with us.

If you are successfully nominated, you will be contacted by our office to apply to Bond using our online application. Please ensure to submit all required documents as requested on the form.

Academic eligibility: Check that you meet all of Bond University academic and English language entry requirements as well as any home institution requirements.

  • North American students: Minimum 2.5/4.0 GPA
  • European and other students: please seek advice

Subject pre-approval: Select at least six to 8 subjects (courses) at Bond and seek approval from your home institution's Study Abroad Advisor to ensure that the subjects will be credited towards your degree.

To find more information about Study Abroad subjects available by semester, please use the subject search. (Please note, to filter your search results, please tick the "Display only Study Abroad subjects" box.)

Bond will assess your application to ensure your meet all academic and language entry requirements. Please allow two weeks for all applications to be assessed.

  • If you are successful, you will be sent a “Letter of Offer” outlining any fees*, health cover, and other requirements required to “Accept your offer”.
  • To formally "Accept your offer" and be admitted into Bond, please return the “Response to Offer” which is attached to the "Letter of Offer" as soon as possible. Please ensure to also pay any outlined fees.

Upon receipt of your “Response to Offer”, you will be admitted to Bond and issued with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), which you will need to apply for your visa.

*Reminder: Inbound Exchange students' tuition fees are fee-waived and continue to pay tuition fees to their home institution.

Upon receipt of your eCoE, you will be able to apply for a non award student visa through the Department of Home Affairs.

A visa can take from four weeks up to several months to be granted. Please ensure you do not book your flights until your visa is approved.

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs for visa advice. 

Successful applicants will receive correspondence leading up to arrival including:

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