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If you have a diagnosed disability, learning difficulties, an ongoing mental or physical health condition or are the primary carer for a person with disability, you are eligible to apply for a Learning Access Plan.

Reasonable adjustments support

Students who have a disability are welcomed and every effort is made to accommodate a student’s reasonable adjustments, but the university does have limited resources and facilities.

For information outlining what support we can and cannot offer during your time at Bond, click the button below:


Inherent Requirements

Bond University strongly supports the right of all people to pursue studies. Bond embraces diversity and endeavours to accommodate all students. The University’s inherent requirements support students to make informed choices in relation to their studies.


Conditions that may warrant academic adjustments

For an outline of conditions that may warrant academic adjustments, click the button below:


Disability Definitions

The Australian Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) defines disability as:

  • Total or partial loss of a person’s bodily or mental functions; or
  • Total or partial loss of a part of the body; or
  • The presence in the body of organisms causing disease or illness; or
  • The malfunction, malformation or disfigurement of a part of a person’s body; or
  • A disorder or malfunction that results in a person learning differently from a person without the disorder or malfunction; or
  • A disorder, illness or disease that affects a person’s thought processes, perception of reality, emotions or judgement or that results in disturbed behaviour.

It includes a disability that:

  • Presently exists; or
  • Previously existed but no longer exists; or
  • May exist in the future; or
  • Is imputed to a person.

It is important to note the broadness of this definition.

People can sometimes limit their understanding of disability to someone who has an obvious physical disability or to someone who has a permanent disability or illness.

For Bond University, a disability includes any impairment, injury, illness or health condition, which may affect a student's capacity to undertake a program of study. Some disabilities, such as physical or sensory disabilities, may be obvious.

Others may not be apparent unless disclosed by the student, for example, diabetes, epilepsy, dyslexia or mental health difficulties.

The disability may be permanent, short-term or episodic in nature.

Under the formal definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act, English language proficiency is not considered to be a disability.