We want to know what you think about us

In the first three weeks of the May semester, all continuing Bond students are invited to be part of the world’s largest independent survey of university and tertiary education students.

The Student Barometer, managed by i-graduate an international organisation independent of the University, provides vital feedback specific to Bond University and benchmarks our results against 1400 educational institutions and organisations in 32 countries.

Bond students are invited to participate in this survey every second year by completing an online questionnaire. Your input is completely confidential with the University seeing only the responses, not the respondents’ names.

2018 Student Barometer Survey: 14 May to 4 June

The 2018 Student Barometer Survey opens on Monday, 14 May.

During this first week, a unique link to the online survey will be emailed to all continuing students so please make sure you check your student email.

On completion of the survey you will have the option to go into the draw to win:

  • $1000 cash prize – courtesy of survey management consultancy, i-graduate;
  • $500 prize – courtesy of Bond University; and
  • An iPad – courtesy of Bond University.

The survey will close on Monday, 4 June.

The Student Barometer Survey covers every aspect of your Bond experience from application to graduation.

  • How did our enrolment process work for you?
  • Did Orientation Week adequately prepare you for your classes?
  • Do you know what support is available to you – both academically and personally?
  • What do you think about the quality of our teaching staff, your course content, the facilities and resources in your Faculty, the food, the student accommodation, the social life?
  • Do you feel safe and supported?
  • What do we do well? What can we do better? What do we need to change?

We take the Student Barometer Survey very seriously at Bond. Your responses help to inform our decisions regarding facility improvements, issues management, campus upgrades and student procedures.

In the 2016 survey, for example, our food and beverage section came under fire. As a direct result of this, the University worked in partnership with BUSA to completely refurbish the main dining area. We appointed a new executive chef who’s more in tune with current dining trends and expanded the menu options to accommodate a wider variety of dietary and nutritional options.

We also introduced additional campus security measures and incorporated your suggestions for how we can improve our environmental sustainability.

So we encourage you to think carefully about any ideas you have that would improve our performance or changes that you believe need to be made.

And, of course, we’ll happily accept your compliments on where we’ve got it right!

Need more info?

Please email [email protected]  or visit i-graduate, if you have any further questions about the Student Barometer Survey.