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Double up: Why you should choose to study a double degree

Sometimes in life, you have to make a choice between two options - like will you have nachos or a burrito for dinner? But sometimes the best decision is choosing both, like studying a combined degree at university.

Studying a combined degree – also known as a double degree – allows you to earn two unique qualifications at the same time. At most universities, an average undergraduate double degree will take you around five years to complete, but at Bond, our accelerated three-semesters-per-year schedule means that you can earn two undergraduate degrees in three, or just over three years, and a combined postgraduate degree in around two years.

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? Before you dive in, let us explain some of the benefits of studying two degrees concurrently.  

1. Get double the qualifications in the same amount of time

One of the most obvious benefits of studying a double degree at Bond is the time factor. If you would be spending three years at a standard university studying a single degree, why wouldn’t you add a bonus one and complete two in the same amount of time at Bond?  

If you completed one degree after the other, separately, you may end up completing the same subjects twice, or completing electives across both programs. But when you choose a double degree, your program will be structured in the most efficient way possible, applying relevant subjects and electives to both qualifications.

This doesn’t just shave semesters off your time studying, it also represents a saving in tuition fees.

Whether you’re looking at undergraduate or postgraduate studies, two degrees at once takes a lot less time than studying those same two degrees separately.

2. Tailor your study program to suit your interests and goals

Everyone has their own individual dreams for their future. Just because you’re fascinated by the law doesn’t necessarily mean you want to work in a law firm or argue cases in court. Perhaps your interest lies at the intersection of actuarial science and the law, or business and social science. You might love your career in valuation or planning, but you now see opportunities in senior management, development projects or finances.

Choosing a double degree allows you to create a study program that ticks all your boxes - without boxing you into one career corner.

3. Stand out with a unique skill set

Combined degrees allow you to develop a more comprehensive suite of skills than you will get from one degree on its own. Law, for instance, encompasses reasoning, negotiation, mediation, oral arguments and debate. That’s exactly why it’s such a popular program to combine with business, commerce, international relations, and even psychology and journalism.

At the postgraduate level, the Master of Project Management teaches highly transferable skills that complement more occupation-specific qualifications such as architecture, construction practice, sport management,city planning and communication.

With a qualification that’s as unique as you are, you can set yourself apart from other job applicants with a distinctive set of skills and interests.

4. Expand your network across multiple industries

At Bond, we place a lot of emphasis on helping students make industry introductions through work experience, capstone projects, internships, conferences, networking events and study tours.

Working in two study areas, you’ll double your connections and start building your own broad-based community of mentors and influencers in multiple industries who can ultimately help you establish your career in any field you choose.

5. Broaden your career horizons

Holding recognised qualifications in two different, yet complementary fields can significantly expand your career opportunities. It may be that, as a school-leaver, you don’t want to lock yourself into a career path you’re still unsure of or, as a career-changer, you can see opportunities in multiple pathways within your chosen industry.

A double degree keeps your options open and gives you the flexibility to take advantage of different opportunities that come your way.

How does a double degree work?

It’s pretty simple, actually! You can apply for a combined degree in the same way you apply for a single program at Bond – through our direct, online application form. Once you receive and accept your offer, we prepare a recommended study plan for you to follow over the next couple of years.

You’ll have the exact same study load as you would for a single degree – four subjects per semester as a full-time student. Your time at uni will just extend for an additional few semesters - which also gives you more time to take full advantage of all the unique experiences Bond offers and to immerse yourself in clubs, societies and student life.  

Explore double degrees

There are many combined degree options on offer at Bond.

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