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Accelerated degrees

Get A Headstart

Bond’s accelerated, three-semester-per-year schedule means you’ll finish your degree sooner and be earning an income up to a year ahead of graduates from other universities.

  • Start earning income sooner
  • Get a headstart on career promotions
  • Progress your career faster

Take the fast track to success

A Bond University accelerated degree has opened the doors to exceptional career opportunities for our high-flying alumni. It means they’re in the workforce sooner and on promotional fast track. In fact, many alumni have achieved director, CEO, private practice and partnership status within 10 years of graduating from Bond.

Bond’s accelerated degrees are for every student who wants to reach the outer limits of their own potential.

Frequently asked questions about accelerated degrees

Thanks for asking! If the below questions are on your mind, we’ve got the answers.  

Yes! Bond’s semesters begin in January, May and September, with a couple of weeks’ break between each semester. You can view key semester dates in our academic calendar.

No. A full-time study load is equivalent to 40 credit points, typically four subjects, per semester. Bond’s degrees are fast-tracked by completing more semesters per year compared to a typical two-semester academic calendar year, not through a heavier study load.

You could graduate up to a year ahead of the crowd. For example, a typical six-semester undergraduate degree would take three years to complete at a traditional university, but at Bond, completing three semesters per year means you will earn the same qualification in just two years.

It also means you could complete a six-semester undergraduate degree and a three-semester master’s degree in just three years total – gaining two qualifications in the time it would take students at another university to complete a single bachelor’s degree.