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5 Bondies on the best advice they received while choosing a university

It can seem like one of the biggest decisions of your life. 

What will I study at university? Where will I study?

Making a choice about your educational future is incredibly exciting. Your potential is limitless, and university is your chance to explore it to the fullest.

To help you navigate the decision-making stage, five Bond students share the best advice they received when they were in your shoes.

"Find the right fit for you - not for someone else." 

Rebecca Tannenbaum, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (CRICOS 093908G)

The best advice given to me when I was selecting a university was that it’s not about where your friends go or where your family think you should go, it’s about you and making the right decision for you. Picking a university is an important decision and so you need to make sure that you take the time to think about what you want before embarking on this new adventure.

I like the idea of analogising it to a shoe. Not only do you want it to look nice and therefore choose a university that is a leader in your industry and able to set you apart from other job applicants, but you also want to make sure the fit is right. Which means thinking about what kind of relationship you want with your lecturers, what experiences you want out of university and where you can actually see yourself. Experiences like Student for a Semester were really helpful to me in picturing myself here at Bond.

Rebecca Tannenbaum

“Choose the university that ticks all your boxes.”

Neil Josen Delos Reyes, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (CRICOS 063085B)

Choose the university that ticks most, if not all, of your boxes for the tertiary education that you dream of having. Remember that the real world is all about gaining experiences, learning industry skills and developing diverse and robust peer networks. However, also remember that where you spend your time pursuing your commitment to higher education may help you perform better and be better.

While I was exploring my options, I had numerous meetings with my high school career advisor. I knew that they would be the most knowledgeable concerning finding the best match and the best university for what I was looking for. Bond University was one of the first suggestions from our career advisor. From then on, I paid close attention to all the scheduled presentations for Bond University at my high school and within the Cairns community. I like the idea of having more personal classes and the accelerated courses that Bond offers. I wanted to pursue my tertiary education quickly, but still, have the opportunities that may land me a job after finishing my degree in that short period.

Neil Josen Delos Reyes

“Find a place that excites you.”

Maddy Ransley, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (CRICOS 093908G)

My experience choosing a uni was hard at first, but I found that once I knew, I knew. At the beginning, I was very confused - I had no idea what degree I wanted to do, I had no idea which uni I wanted to attend - all I knew was that I was going to uni in some way or another. I was essentially a blank slate when it came to my opinions on where I wanted to go.

I came to Bond from Brisbane, so all of my school friends were looking at either UQ or QUT. I had been to all the Open Days and seen the campuses heaps of times, attended plenty of presentations, but for some reason none of it really excited me. 

It wasn't until I starting chatting with a girl I knew who went to Bond that I considered taking a look at it. However, what really sold it for me was the first time I saw the campus. I came down to visit, and instantly I had this feeling that was completely different to the way I'd felt when visiting the other university campuses. I felt excited, and I felt curious, and I just wanted to see more. Everyone I met or spoke to were so welcoming, and they had the most fantastic stories, and somehow I just felt like I was in the right place. That's how I knew the Bond was right for me.

Maddy Ransley

"Take your time to decide." 

Patrick Anning, Bachelor of Journalism (CRICOS 063077B)

Looking back at my senior year now, one year on, I really didn't know exactly where I was going to end up. I knew I wanted to start uni straight after I left school because I wanted to get it over and done with. I wanted to do something with writing because English was always my strong point so I reached out to people on uni Open Days and by email. When I received an offer from UQ, Griffith and Bond I knew I had to choose one.

I was drawn to Bond because of its accelerated programs, which was something that really interested me because I wanted to take a year off after my studies. Although it may seem bias coming from a Bondy, Bond was the most helpful in providing the information I needed to make my mind up. Plus, Bond offers heaps of external study options which also came of interest and provided me with internship opportunities. 

If I had to give any advice to Year 12s making the big decision it is to not rush. Trust your judgement because the extra time you may take to make your mind up might end up saving lots of time and money, compared to if you rush your decision and end up disliking your course or even campus.

"See what opportunities are on offer." 

Briana Alexander, Bachelor of Communication (CRICOS 063062J)

Coming from a small town, I wasn't aware of all the opportunities I had in my career path, so I struggled to find something I would enjoy doing. At first, I was very hesitant about going to university. It was only on my mother's advice – she had never attended university – that I decided to go to university. She told me that once I had a degree, I would always have that degree no matter which career I choose. I would learn skills I could continue to build on. Choosing a degree doesn't mean you're stuck in that career, but it does open up so many opportunities. 

I can say I'm glad I made the choice to attend university, and to attend Bond. I will not only walk away with a degree I’ll have forever, but I'll also walk away with skills, networks, and opportunities that come with it. For me, choosing Bond allowed me to have this experience but in a shorter frame of time. I will complete my degree in two years, gaining the networks, experience and degree, but it means my impatient self is still able to be in the workforce in the shortest possible time. 

Briana Alexander

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