Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Address complex problems of the built and natural environment and be a part of the new generation of Architecture with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies. Study in a studio environment with dedicated resources, in the Abedian School of Architecture. 

State of the art resources

Students have complete access to all the Architecture equipment and studios. The School is characterized by very small class sizes in a dedicated studio environment. Students have 24/7 access to the brand new architecture building, designed by Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham of CRAB Studio, London. A strong studio culture is driven by student collaboration, social engagement, and consistent one-on-one interaction with academic staff. The Workshop and Digital Fabrication Lab provides opportunities in design as part of the new generation of architecture. Studio, workshop and digital based learning are core components of Architectural studies with practical hands-on projects contributing to a large part of the programs.

Take a tour - Meet an Academic

We encourage you to reach out to us: if you are interested in taking a guided tour through our Architecture facilities. We can also get you in touch with an Architecture academic who can answer any questions / queries you may have about the Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University (via telephone, email or in person).

About the program

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) at the Abedian School of Architecture is designed to create emerging architectural professionals with fundamental competencies in design ability, problem solving, technical skill, and theoretical frameworks, that give graduates the capability to address complex problems of the built and natural environment in the 21st century and beyond. Show more

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) at the Abedian School of Architecture is designed to create emerging architectural professionals with fundamental competencies in design ability, problem solving, technical skill, and theoretical frameworks, that give graduates the capability to address complex problems of the built and natural environment in the 21st century and beyond. Professional architectural concerns of detailing, documentation, and basic practice concepts are delivered to establish a foundational basis for the commercial world of architectural practice. The Bachelor of Architectural Studies developed by the Abedian School of Architecture places emphasis on developing students that are experienced in innovative technologies and are adventurous in their creative design. This program recognises the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures in a globalised world where there are modernising threats to traditional cultures, complexities in generating sustainable environments and constant change in technological aspects of modern life. Public engagement is fostered through an annual lecture series that highlights the work and ideas of national and international practitioners and academics; special exhibitions of work; and various forms of publication and dissemination. This degree provides the pathway for a career as a professional architect. Graduates of this program may progress to the Master of Architecture upon application and review of undergraduate performance. Completion of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies does not qualify for automatic entry to the Masters. Show less

ModeOn Campus
Duration6 semesters (2 years)
Starting semestersJanuary 2018
Program fees

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Program typeBachelors Degree
Study areaArchitecture and Built Environment
Program codeSD-90006
CRICOS code072544E
Credit for prior studyFor more details on applying for credit, please contact the Student Business Centre:

The vision of the architect is responsible for the creation of the smallest of dwellings through to complex megacities. As such, architecture requires comprehensive skills relating to design, planning, construction, technology and communication. The architectural process can vary in complexity and scale, enabling architects to undertake a variety of projects from exhibitions, interior refurbishments and residential dwellings through to public buildings, large scale infrastructure and urban design.

This degree prepares graduates with theoretical and practical experience relating to design, problem solving, construction and communication that can be applied to a wide range of careers. Graduates of this degree may gain employment in architectural firms, government, construction, development, infrastructure and planning industries in Australia and around the world.

The strategic thinking, visual creativity, public engagement, design and technology skills, and entrepreneurial outlook developed in this degree provide graduates with a wide range of career opportunities such as the creative industries. Many architectural graduates establish careers in design studios, virtual environment design (such as gaming, cinema and animation), web and graphic design, fashion, advertising, industrial design, arts management and the visual arts.

To become a registered architect, you are required to complete both an undergraduate and postgraduate qualification as well as requisite work experience.

View the Bachelor of Architectural Studies - Program Structure and Sequencing

This program is sequentially structured to prepare you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to continually develop and apply your skills in a variety of contexts.

University core subjects (3)


Integrated architectural studios (6)

Architecture subjects (9)

Electives (1)

Students choose one (1) elective from the Faculty of Society & Design list of undergraduate subjects.

A study tour is also available as an elective option for students. 

Academic requirements

Year 12 school leaver

Successful completion of Year 12 with an OP 12 or ATAR 72.70. Other applicants may be considered for admission on provision of the following:

  • A portfolio of design work - no more than six A4 pages of your own work, submitted electronically as one PDF document, not exceeding 10MB. The portfolio should contain a variety of work chosen from mediums such as drawing (freehand or mechanical), computer-aided design, painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, digital media, design technology, or crafts. The assessors are looking for creativity, imagination and skill so the portfolio should include evidence that illustrates your ability to think and communicate visually, as well as demonstrating any experience you may have with a range of media and techniques. Images should be accompanied with text to explain what is shown. A cover page may be in addition to the prescribed six-page limit.
International Secondary School students

For more information for International Students, including the International Baccalaureate, please go to the International Secondary School equivalency page.

Alternative entry pathways

For those applicants who do not currently have the required academic qualifications, there are a number of alternative entry pathways:

  • Bond University Tertiary Preparation programs
  • Bond University Diploma programs
  • Other institutional Tertiary Preparation Programs
  • Vocational education and training qualifications (Certificate IV and above)
  • Prior higher education experience (at this university or another)
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
  • Professional or para-professional qualifications/experience
  • Employment experience verified by a statement of service from the employer stating the position title and length of service and a very brief statement on the tasks undertaken.

For more information on what is required please visit our how to apply page.

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to provide documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language. Read more detailed information on English Language Proficiency Requirements for university study.

Credit for prior study

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

Key dates

Bond University calendar

How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the Online Application Form. To find out more about the application process please refer to How to Apply.

Architecture at Bond


"The Abedian school of Architecture has provided me with opportunities that I would never have encountered anywhere else. Bond University has allowed me to create a strong engagement with the industry and a greater involvement within the wider architectural community. I have not only grown as an architecture student throughout my studies here, but I've also grown as a person. We are so fortunate to work in a studio environment that is inspiring and stimulates creativity. We're given our own individual work spaces that creates a more hands on experience for the students. It allows us to collaborate together and build strong relationships as a team, offering and being offered constant support and advice.

The culture and environment at Bond has allowed me to really challenge myself as a student and produce my best at all times, allowing me to think, design and create effectively and efficiently. The state of the art facilities at Bond allows the students to truly learn their craft using the latest technologies in the world. The architecture workshop is so unique, providing tools and machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routing machines as well as robots, which can only be found at a handful of architecture schools around the world.

Our classes have much less students in comparison to other universities, which makes for an intimate and thorough learning experience. The professors take the time to understand how you work, how you design and are able to help you improve, as an inspiring architect.  We are privileged to be given such a wonderful opportunity to study at Bond University and the studio environment has become almost like a second home to the students and we've practically become a family. The culture within the studio is hard working, with 24-hour access to the studio, enabling us to create a culture that works like a family network - everyone is always willing to help each other, as well as challenging one another to our best potential.

Architecture school has given me friends that I will have forever, creativity that I never knew I had, skills that I will continue to learn in my profession and industry experience opportunities that I could not have never encountered anywhere else. I have not only grown as a student but grown as an individual."


"I chose to study at Bond University for a number of reasons, but mainly because the Architecture course offered a fresh direction toward architectural learning, by offering alternative courses which other universities do not or unable to implement. In addition, Bond attracted many international students which I saw as an opportunity to meet other people from around the world and a great way to start building a network

I chose to study a Bachelor of Architectural Studies as  I always thought that studying Architecture would enable a great platform to branch out from into different avenues. To me, studying this degree enabled the student to gain an understanding of how to look at things from a different perspective, and as a result, has given them a very important skill set which can be used in a range of fields.

Bond prepared me for my current role as an Architectural Designer as the university encouraged an entrepreneurial approach to reaching your goals. Through their teachings, both within the main course and sub courses, Bond provided me with a better ability to make more conscious decisions which has enabled me to progress to where I am currently."

"I moved interstate from Sydney to study at Bond University. Bond provided many opportunities to meet new people, in my own field and across the other schools. There’s definitely a strong culture of comradery at Bond. I spent many late nights with my fellow peers and many nights at the campus events where I made new friends, some of whom I’m still close with today both international and local. I was lucky enough to be part of the first cohort to study at the Abedian School of Architecture. The school provided many opportunities to interact with a range of practicing architects, opening my eyes to the possibilities of a successful career in Architecture.

The staff within the Abedian school of Architecture were very helpful in securing all sorts of opportunities, which was great hands-on experience. The school taught a combination of traditional and contemporary methods of studying architecture.  Studying Architecture at Bond allowed me to use the latest technologies which is important in this day and age. Studying at Bond allowed me to enrol in an accelerated course, allowing me to finish an otherwise typically long course sooner. Since graduating from Bond, I am employed as a Graduate Architect in the Brisbane offices of Hassell, a multidisciplinary design practice. Whilst there is always more to learn on the job, during my time at the Abedian School of Architecture at Bond, I was exposed to a variety of experiences which assisted in preparing me for a career in Architecture!"


"At Bond, I valued the qualitative approach they took towards higher education.  With 24-hour access to the state of the art facilities and small class size settings, I was taught the use of leading technology including robotics and architectural computer programs – which are highly valued in the industry.

Bond University has a very vibrant community life, with regular social events where friendships are easily formed, and likeminded students come together.  At Bond, I was able to establish a global network of industry connections, which has been one of the greatest assets for my future.

I recommend Bond University to all of my family and friends as my years there were very beneficial for both personal and professional development.  It is noticeable that each program has been designed to equip the future workforce with first-hand experience with leading technologies and careful accompaniment from industry mentors and thought-leaders."

"Bond University was first recommended to me by my Career Counsellor in high school. She described the university as being a leading educational institution for architecture and other design areas which I was considering at the time. Also, being eligible for a scholarship was definitely an incentive to begin my studies here. Deciding to study a Bachelor of Architecture, it was the impressive student-teacher ratios, one-on-one time, industry exposure, lively studio culture and exposure to emerging technologies that affirmed my decision to study here. After looking at how other universities operate – particularly in architecture – Bond definitely gives the best return on investment. Getting everything done in 2 years is also something that was extremely attractive to me.

Bond is a lot smaller than other universities which means that there is a sense of community around the campus. I can’t walk to class every morning without seeing someone I know and I think feeling comfortable when studying at a University is really important. This sense of community applies to my degree in architecture also. Over the past year, I have built great relationships with my professors and peers, allowing me to develop a sense of professionalism in a studio environment. Likewise, by knowing people who will be out in the industry with me on the level that I do, there are many networking opportunities that present themselves in the future.

If you are someone who loves a challenge and wants the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in your field of study and be the best you can, Bond will facilitate those aspirations. 2016 (the year I started studying here) was the best of my life and 2017 is shaping up to be even better."

"I am undertaking a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Bond University. I decided to attend Bond because I wanted to travel, but I also wanted a place that I could study and get a head start in my career. After I finished high school, I thought coming to Bond would be a great experience so I could improve my English and open a number of opportunities to work internationally later in my career. I first came to Bond as a Study Abroad Student and I tried out a number of different subjects before I knew that I wanted to study Architecture. I enjoyed the Architecture subjects so much that I decided to enrol in the full undergraduate degree.

I have enjoyed my time at Bond because I was able to meet new people, and I received a high-quality education. I received a lot of attention from my teachers which I think is extremely important in this program. During my first year, I stayed on campus, which was an amazing experience. I highly recommend staying on campus in the beginning of your degree because you have more of an opportunity to get involved with other students and events.

I feel like Bond is a very international university and focuses heavily on creating important relationships for your future life and career.  I would recommend studying at Bond, not only because it is a beautiful university, but because I felt unique here. It is a relatively small university, but has a lot of resources that results in you getting exactly what you need, if not more, to do well in your studies."

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