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Ambition Appeal

Unleashing limitless potential 

The Ambition Appeal supports a wide range of projects and opportunities designed to help students and alumni fulfil their true potential. It may be that they need financial assistance to support themselves for short periods of time through the Student Hardship Fund, undertake further study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities on an Alumni Scholarship, support early career researchers with their projects, or to participate in a volunteering project or internship relevant to their degree through the Student Opportunity Fund.

The flexible nature of this philanthropic fund gives you the opportunity to have a direct and immediate impact.  Removing the financial barriers is often a ‘sliding doors’ moment in a young person’s life where, thanks to you, they will now have access to experiences and people who will unleash their limitless potential to ultimately change our world for the better. 

Our funds and bursaries

  • Area of Greatest Need

    If you don’t have any particular preference for the allocation of your philanthropic contribution, this option allows the University to direct funds to our immediate priorities.

    Read more about Area of Greatest Need
  • Elite Athlete Fund

    The Elite Athlete Fund helps our Tier 1 student-athletes with the costs of attending national and international sporting events. Since its inception, this fund has helped more than 80 student-athletes. 

    Read more about Elite Athlete Fund
  • Endowment Fund

    Make a difference in our students’ lives for generations to come. Ensuring the principal is kept in perpetuity, the University only spends up to 50% of the interest earned from Endowment Fund donations.

    Read more about Endowment Fund
  • Individual priority areas

    We are always happy to discuss specific funding allocations, according to any particular initiatives that you may wish to support.


    Read more about Individual priority areas
  • Scholarship Fund

    Our generous Scholarship Fund benefactors enable Bond’s best and brightest students and graduates access to a premium education experience, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

    Read more about Scholarship Fund
  • Student Hardship Fund

    As well as helping every student with a tuition fee reduction during the pandemic, we established the Student Hardship Fund to help those most affected by the pandemic with 500 grants in its first year.

    Read more about Student Hardship Fund
  • Student Opportunity Fund

    This fund helps students offset the costs of undertaking life-changing volunteer work as part of their Bond experience. Since 2018, the Student Opportunity Fund has supported more than 170 students.

    Read more about Student Opportunity Fund
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100% of your tax-deductible donation is donated to Bond’s Ambition Appeal and fund of your choice. 

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