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892 Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Nearly 35 years have passed since we welcomed our first cohort of students to Bond University. Our 892 Foundation Class set the standard of what it means to be a Bond University student; to be bold in their pursuit of excellence and to be the first generation of an innovative approach to higher education. We’re inviting members of the 892 Foundation Class to continue their legacy and support future Bondies through contributing to the 892 Opportunity Scholarship Fund. 

As an 892 your commitment, energy and passion set the standard for the thousands of alumni who have since followed in your footsteps studying at Bond University. Your strong sense of community and support for each other has provided the foundations for Bond University’s successful reputation.

To continue this legacy, we now invite you to support future generations of Bondies.


Your donation to the 892 Opportunity Scholarship Fund will strengthen Bond University’s commitment to assisting gifted students overcome barriers to higher education. The 892 Opportunity Scholarship will be amongst the University’s most prestigious scholarships, supporting high achieving and highly engaged students, opening access to Bond University.

The awarded students will be Australian residents completing their final year of high school. They will be selected on the basis of financial need. Students from locations with low scores on the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas of Australia (SEIFA) will be encouraged to apply. Students with higher SEIFA scores, but from financially disadvantaged households can still apply and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

With each annual donation, you will receive the appropriate recognition. Our recognition levels are:

  • Gold: $20,000+

  • Silver: $5,000+

  • Navy Blue: $1,500+

You will be invited to special events and have the opportunity to meet with the successful candidates.

A lifelong connection

We recognise the bravery and courage of the Foundation Class of 322 students who took the risk and believed in the future of Australia’s first private university and hope that you will support future generations of Bondies.


Your generosity will help talented students fulfil their potential at Bond University.

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