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Your road to Bond University

Bond University’s Year 12 Early Guaranteed Offer Scheme recognises the challenges students have faced over the past few years of senior schooling.  Eligible students can receive an offer to study at Bond in 2023 before final ATAR or IB Diploma results are released, providing certainty about your future study options.   

Year 12 early offers for 2023: How it works  

  1. Complete Bond’s direct online application, submitting results from your Semester 1 (Term 1 and Term 2) Year 12 report, as well as your full Year 11 report card.

  2. Bond University will assess your application and high school grades against the minimum entry requirements for Bond's undergraduate* and diploma programs.

  3. If you meet the entry requirements, you receive an early offer for 2023 January, May or September intake - that guarantees entry into you Bond program, conditional on the completion of Year 12 and meeting any subject prerequisite requirements for your program.

  4. When you successfully complete Year 12 and pass any prerequisite subjects, your offer becomes unconditional and you are officially a Bondy!

*Note: Bond's Medical Program is excluded from the Guaranteed Offer Scheme. 

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Standing out in a competitive career landscape

In an uncertain world, Bond provides the assurance of a high-quality education, coupled with a focus on employability that will help students adapt to the future of work and stand out in a competitive landscape.  

From the day they start at Bond, students will experience the University’s exceptional personalised learning approach and have access to extensive support services including the Career Development Centre and Beyond Bond program.  

Bond’s unwavering focus on personalised learning, as well as the Beyond Bond career development program embedded in the curriculum, has resulted in Bond graduates being ranked number one in Australia for employer satisfaction – for two years in a row. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, you will need your first semester Year 12 results, as well as your Year 11 semester one and two results.  

To be eligible for this entry, you should submit your application when you have received your semester one Year 12 results. If your school does not issue a semester one report for Year 12, please contact your Domestic Regional Manager to discuss your options.

Yes, your application will be assessed based on your Year 12 equivalent ATAR eligible subjects.  

Bond’s Medical Program is excluded, however all other undergraduate programs are available to current Year 12 students under the guaranteed offer scheme for 2023 who apply prior to the release of ATAR results. 

Learn more about the application process for the Bond Medical Program.   

Yes, current Year 12 students can apply from anywhere in Australia.  

International students studying Year 12 at an Australian high school will be eligible to apply to study an undergraduate program at Bond in 2023 based on these entry requirements.

You will need to submit your predicted IB score when completing your application to receive a conditional offer. Your offer is conditional on the successful completion of IB Diploma and achieving the required IB entry score.

Your offer guarantees entry to your program conditional only on the successful completion of Year 12 (as evidenced by your final school report card and/or the State’s Certificate of Education and/or ATAR results) and passing any prerequisite subjects required. 

Your final ATAR can be used to gain admission into a program of a higher entry requirement if the minimum ATAR is met, but a lower final ATAR will not result in the withdrawal of your offer. Bond University will, however, discuss support options with you, including a plan for increased academic support during your study at the university.

Where pre-requisites are required for admission to a program, the offer will also be conditional on passing the required pre-requisite/s ATAR eligible Units 3 and 4, as evidenced by the final subject scores on the state’s Certificate of Education.

Offers will be made based on Year 12 semester one school results attained in late-2021/early-2022. Depending on the state and territory this may be the best five or best four eligible ATAR subjects. 

See below example grades for some of our programs: 


Example grades or equivalent (5 subjects) 

Example grades or equivalent (4 subjects) 

B Actuarial Science 

As, 1B


B Laws 

3As, 2Bs

2As, 2Bs

B Business Data Analytics 



B Exercise and Sports Science 

3Bs. 2Cs

2Bs, 2Cs 

B International Relations 

1B, 4Cs

1B, 3Cs

Dip of Health Science 



If your Year 12 Semester 1 grades don't meet the guaranteed offer threshold for your chosen Bachelor's degree program, you can still be issued a conditional offer. Admission to your program will be conditional on your final ATAR results. If you are unsure about meeting entry requirements, contact your Regional Manager to discuss your study options. 

No. This entry-only applies to 2022 Year 12 students applying for undergraduate admission in 2023. 

Offers made under the revised entry requirements are conditional based on the successful completion of Year 12 and any prerequisite subjects required.  

Your first step is to get in touch with your Domestic Regional Manager to discuss your options. In many cases, we can offer an alternative pathway into your program of preference. If you complete a VET qualification in school and successfully complete Year 12 (with or without an ATAR), Bond will consider your VET qualification for admission. 

No, you will need to submit your results with your application.  

Yes. Your offer will be conditional upon the successful completion of Year 12 and receiving your Certificate of Education from the state board. 

QCE – Queensland Certificate of Education  
New South Wales HSC – High School Certificate  
SACE - South Australian Certificate of Education 
TCE – Tasmanian Certificate of Education  
VCE – Victorian Certificate of Education 
WACE - Western Australian Certificate of Education 

No. The scholarship process will be conducted as normal, with the eligibility criteria determined by the scholarship being applied for. For further information please visit our scholarship webpage.   

You can apply for a scholarship through the Bond website. Please note you will need to submit your study application before submitting your scholarship application, and you can apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for. 

As a Year 12 student this year, you can defer your offer but will be assessed based on your final ATAR results. If your final ATAR does not meet the entry requirement for direct entry to Bond's bachelor degree you may be offered a Diploma or Diploma preparation program. 

If you have completed Year 12 in the last two years, received a Queensland OP or ATAR, interstate ATAR or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma result and have not undertaken any post-secondary studies, you will be considered for admission on the basis of your OP/ATAR/IB achievement and assessed against the program admission requirements. 

Bond offers an unparalleled personalised education and an extensive array of individual support services. Studying in small class sizes, Bond students have direct access to their academics. Students also have access to a range of services including the Academic Skills Centre, the Career Development Centre and more.

Bond’s personalised teaching philosophy is one of the reasons we've ranked number in Australia for student experience, 16 years in a row.